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Ten Sunni Mosques Bombed in Iraq

Confrontations between ISIS and Iraqi forces in Ramadi- AFP
Confrontations between ISIS and Iraqi forces in Ramadi- AFP

Baghdad- Informed sources have confirmed that in the past two days about 10 Sunni mosques were bombed northeast of Baghdad in Diyala province. The sources added that some of these mosques were constructed hundreds of years ago and were classified as historical places of worship.

Independent political figure in Diyala, Turath Mahmoud al-Azzawi, told Asharq Al-Awsat that the Sunni mosques’ bombing operations were perpetrated in Muqdadiya city at Diyala province, especially the first seven, that took place after announcing curfew restrictions after a suicide bomber wearing an explosive belt blew himself up in one of the markets where of supporters Popular Mobilization Forces gathered, leaving tens of them injured and dead.

Al-Azzawi pointed out that the bombings, according to witnesses, were perpetrated in an organized way and some of them were committed at security inspecting points. Armed men dismount from military vehicles, enter the mosque then bomb it using explosives, he explained.

On the other hand, armed groups are threatening Kurdish families that have been living in Baghdad for tens of decades.

Head of Iraqi Parliament’s National Security and Defense Committee, Hakem al-Zameli, said that tens of Kurdish families living in Sadr city have been threatened and driven out of Baghdad.

Khasru Abdullah Koran, a member of the Iraqi Parliament from Kurdistan Democratic Party, in a statement for Asharq Al-Awsat, described these threats as “purely racist”, adding that they are driven by specific political parties, in order to sabotage the relationship between Kurds and Shiites.

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