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Int’l Reports Denounce Houthi Crimes against Yemenis

Int’l Reports Denounce Houthi Crimes against Yemenis

Thursday, 5 September, 2019 - 08:30
FILE PHOTO - Armed Houthi followers carry their rifles as they attend a gathering in Sanaa, Yemen December 19, 2018. REUTERS/Khaled Abdullah

UN and European reports have disclosed the gruesomeness of the violence committed by Houthi militias and the gravity of the Yemeni people's agony due to their ongoing insurgence.

The reports have shown that since the group’s coup against Yemen’s legitimacy at the end of 2014, the war expanded, all basic social services were disrupted, the state’s agenda on millennium development goals was aborted, thousands of families were displaced, the health sector collapsed, and contagious diseases and plagues resurfaced, especially in Houthi-ruled areas.

A European report noted that the war compelled thousands to be internally displaced, and the terrorist militias destroyed their houses and businesses. The Houthi-caused conflict displaced more than 390,000 individuals since the beginning of 2019.

The European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations said in the report, a copy of which was received by Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper, that the total of displaced Yemenis exceeded 390,000 during the past eight months.

Based on its data, during the period spanning from January until August 27, a total of 55,706 households was displaced whose members exceed 390,000 due to the war waged by militias. The most damaged provinces are Hajjah, Dhale, and Hodeidah, it added, in which a continuous displacement took place due to clashes.

Most of the internally displaced suffer several challenges including their dire need for food and shelter, and are more vulnerable to catch plagues and suffer food insecurity.

Compared to the level of needs, humanitarian organizations operating in Yemen are limited and their capability is even less in regions hosting the displaced.

According to previous UN reports, the war led by Houthis against Yemenis has caused the displacement of more than 4.6 million people-- most of them suffer malnutrition and education deprivation and are vulnerable for recruitment by the militias.

A panel of international experts said on Tuesday in a report that Houthis may have committed war crimes, indiscriminately shelling civilian areas, and targeting civilians with snipers.

The experts put the toll at 200 dead and 350 wounded, adding that Houthis are planting landmines on roads, in a blatant violation of the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention.

Moreover, Houthis imposed bureaucratic restrictions that caused the delay of humanitarian aid and the mission of humanitarian staff. They even killed a worker at the International Committee of the Red Cross in April 2018.

The measures taken by the militias led to the aggravation of the economic situation in Yemen, leading to more human rights violations.

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