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Halbousi Stresses Distancing Iraq from Certain Regional Policies

Halbousi Stresses Distancing Iraq from Certain Regional Policies

Thursday, 5 September, 2019 - 08:30
Iraqi Parliament Speaker Mohammed al-Halbousi (Reuters)

Iraq will not be part of any military conflicts or political issues of a controversial nature, said the country’s Parliament Speaker, Mohammed al-Halbousi.

In a speech during the opening of the Meeting of Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) Standing Committee on Budget and Planning in Baghdad, Halbousi called on his allies in Iraq to acknowledge this policy.

“We have followed a clear strategy that we don’t hesitate to announce, and we expect all our allies to understand, namely to distance ourselves from any military conflicts and certain regional policies of a controversial nature,” he explained.

Iraq is a crossing point where good wills meet, and it has done everything possible to defuse the crises and bring the different points of views closer to each other, he added.

“It is enough what Iraq has payed as a price for conflicts in other regional countries,” Halbousi stressed, adding that Iraq will not be allowed to be part of international conflicts, thus it always calls for “solving international problems by peaceful means.”

Iraq establishes its strategic partnerships and common interests with everyone without being biased to any specific party, the Speaker noted.

He pointed out that no wonder why Iraq has recently become a hub for regional security and intensified meetings and visits.

Defeating ISIS is a “bright page not only for Iraqis but also for humanity’s life, and terrorism did not target Iraq although it chose its territories as an arena for its war.”

Halbousi stressed that the war waged from Iraq was targeting the region and the world.

He said that his country realizes that the battle is not over yet as there are still some problems left behind by terrorism and still need serious solutions.

Activities of the meeting were launched on Wednesday with the participation of 16 Arab and Asian states.

The APA’s executive council voted last year for the Iraqi parliament to chair the Meeting of APA’s Standing Committee on Budget and Planning 2019.

Speaking to Asharq al-Awsat, member of the parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee MP Alaa Talabani stressed that the meeting has tackled many administrative, financial and security issues along with regional problems and crises.

Talabani said several Asian countries represented in this Assembly have been trying to work on bringing ideas and understandings closer and “transferring them to their governments to play their role in encircling the crises and serious problems suffered by the region”.

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