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Algeria: Protestors Renew Demand to End Generals' Rule On 35th Friday Demonstrations

Algeria: Protestors Renew Demand to End Generals' Rule On 35th Friday Demonstrations

Saturday, 19 October, 2019 - 08:15

Huge crowds of Algerians demonstrated against the political establishment in the capital on the 35th Friday and renewed demands to end the generals’ rule.

They all hit the streets to assert their commitment to the fundamental demands they have made on their first Friday demonstration on February 22.

Demonstrators have been demanding a radical change in the regime and the removal of all its civilian and military figures from power.

They denounced police actions, describing them as “biased and aimed at besieging the popular movement.

The demonstrators also demanded the release of more than 130 political prisoners, most of who were arrested for participating in the popular movements, for their remarkable activity on social media or for attacking Army Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Ahmed Gaid Salah.

Protestors also denounced the government’s adherence to review the hydrocarbons law, which has been controversial for 10 days now and was submitted to parliament for ratification.

However, MPs are divided in this matter. Last week, Algerians protested in many areas to demand withdrawing the law, arguing that it allows “selling oil wealth to foreign companies.”

Observers said the continued movement for the eighth consecutive month with the same intensity and strength in the capital is “a real barometer” for its persistence and steadiness against the arrests and harassment of its activists, the security measures against marches and protests and Salah’s sharp verbal attacks against the demonstrators.

Last week, Salah said people loyal to former President Abdelaziz Bouteflika are “paying them money to participate in the movement and attack the military establishment.

It was noticeable on Friday that the police officers were less harsh in dealing with the demonstrations, compared to previous weeks.

National gendarmerie observation posts were also fewer, and officers were less stringent with those arriving from neighboring states to participate in the movement.

On the other hand, the General and Autonomous Confederation Workers in Algeria (CGATA) announced Friday demonstrations in the capital and in all states on Oct. 29.

Following a meeting of its cadres, it said in a statement that demonstrators “should be vigilant and restraint, maintain the peaceful nature of the movement, renounce violence in all its forms, work to strengthen the cohesion among Algerians, maintain national unity and reject any foreign intervention in their internal affairs.”

It also called for the departure of Prime Minister Noureddine Bedoui’s government, “as a condition,” to organize fair elections, rejecting the presidential elections scheduled to be held on December 12.

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