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So We Don’t Get Shocked With Another Baghdadi

So We Don’t Get Shocked With Another Baghdadi

Monday, 28 October, 2019 - 12:45
Ghassan Charbel
Ghassan Charbel is the editor-in-chief of Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper

It was Trump’s unparalleled day. A president has rarely been able to lure the entire world to wait for his novel. It was exciting and interesting. It was an extraordinary moment of power. He could announce the achievement that many had longed for.

He punished the greatest and most wanted criminal in the world… the man, who executed Americans, persecuted and expelled the Yazidis, killed many Kurds, Syrians and Iraqis, terrorized the Europeans and set a record in the array of his victims’ nationalities.

He spoke on behalf of a strong America... A country that has enormous capabilities, the most sophisticated army and intelligence-based technology.

He spoke about the seriousness of the operation and the men who took the risk. He mocked the man who terrified the world. He recounted how he was moving in tears and panic, and how the man’s crimes caused the killing of three of his children. He did not forget to remind the world that the long US arm has recently reached Hamza bin Laden, the son of the man who destroyed the American soil, and targeted the symbols of its strength and success.

No wonder the world is preoccupied with the news of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s death. We are talking about a man who exhausted the region and the world. He committed murders with an evil imagination. He was an exceptional transnational executioner. He squandered years of two states, two populations, and millions of people. He excelled in the arts of murder, intimidation, and hate waves.

Donald Trump has the right to celebrate. This type of strikes is recorded in history. Perhaps he secretly said that the man who had fallen under his direct order was more dangerous than the one who was killed upon the order of his predecessor Barack Obama - Osama bin Laden.

Al-Qaeda’s leader was not fortunate enough to declare a state and establish himself as an alleged successor. He was unable to attract delegates from remote places who were deceived by slogans and banners.

Since entering the White House, Trump has been staying in the storm. He clearly loves storms.

His decisions are sudden and his method is shocking. A solo dancer who does not like to tango with institutions or with states.

As storms intensified along the road to elections, this great gift came. It is not the same as the hour of announcing the exit from the nuclear deal with Iran or imposing maximum sanctions on Tehran. It is different from imposing fees that triggered a trade war with China, hinting at crushing the Turkish economy, or the sudden announcement of withdrawal from Syria and moving away from “silly endless wars”.

It was an unparalleled gift that was welcomed by near and far countries…A precious prey that has led many parties to quickly announce their role in the feast.

The sudden blow changed the headlines everywhere. Websites that were preoccupied with isolating the president or criticizing the withdrawal from Syria found themselves with the sole title of Baghdadi’s killing.

Because he loved excitement, Trump threw a brief tweet and called on the world to wait for the news after the DNA test was completed.

Trump will be able to say that his withdrawal from Syria does not mean his resignation from the fight against terrorism.

He will say that he is fighting this war without keeping his soldiers deployed in conflict areas, vulnerable to revenge and danger.

Field commanders who have faced ISIS in Iraq and Syria admit that the war with the organization would have been extended for years without the US Air Force’s deadly airstrikes on its strongholds and bunkers.

We should not forget that the airstrikes would not have been enough without the contributions of the forces that fought ground battles against the ISIS group.

Let us put aside the US part in the matter. The killing of Baghdadi does not mean the killing of ISIS, despite the importance of the organization’s decapitation.

Time has shown that this type of organizations has gained experience in adapting to difficult conditions. In recent years, ISIS has been decentralized. Under pressure, the organization has bet on the role of “lone wolves” in terrorizing the world.

Let us put aside the US part and remember the importance of preventing the birth of another Baghdadi, who will shock the world and drown our region in blood and enormous devastation. We should remember that ISIS emerged when countries were divided and societies were torn apart. The organization was born amid hatred, frustration, marginalization, and attempts to monopolize decision-making and annihilate the other.

We must remember that ISIS was born in a fractured Iraq… in a divided Syria. It emerged amid sectarian hatred. It grabbed the opportunity of the prevalence of the logic of incursion, and when the Turkish border opened wide for roving fighters to enter Syria and nurture the blood of its uprising and its people.

What is important is that one day we will not be shocked with another Baghdadi. America is far. We are the theater. Confrontation is not limited to security. The great devastation began when extremism took over the curricula and mosques, and when the students graduated from school, hating each other and considering every difference a crime worth killing.

In order not to fall into the trap of another Baghdadi, there is no solution but to build a modern state that can accommodate all its components.

There can be no solution except through methods and programs that open the windows to the world and encourage coexistence and acceptance of the right to be different.

There is no solution but to restore hope, stability and prosperity and to protect the youth from ISIS and all intolerance aimed at eliminating those who do not believe in the bleak interpretation of the world.

Trump swam yesterday in the lights. He was strong enough to acknowledge receiving facilitation from others. The Twitter General celebrated the hunting of the cave man. We must learn.

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