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Hezbollah Reveals Strategic Weapon, Escalates Position against Israel

Hezbollah Reveals Strategic Weapon, Escalates Position against Israel

Sunday, 7 August, 2022 - 08:45
Snapshot from the video distributed by Hezbollah of the drone over the Karish gas field (AFP)

A Hezbollah top official announced that the party possesses a "strategic weapon," which Israel couldn't prevent it from obtaining. The official did not clarify the nature of the weapon.

The party waved the possibility of using its military arsenal to prevent Israel from extracting oil and gas from the Mediterranean before allowing Lebanon to explore it.

Last month, Hezbollah threatened to strike Israeli platforms in the sea if Lebanon could not explore for its oil and gas.

Last week, the party's military media aired a video of Israeli ships in the disputed gas field, warning against "playing with time," emphasizing its threat of an army escalation amid the maritime border demarcation talks.

The Head of Hezbollah Executive Council, Sayyid Hashem Safieddine, said that Israel's attempts to prevent the resistance from obtaining strategic weapons have failed, stressing that the resistance got these weapons and the enemy could not do anything to deter.

Safieddine called upon his supporters not to be influenced by media campaigns that want to undermine the party's capabilities, adding: "If they target our weapons and capabilities, we must boost our strength and ability" to obtain weapons.

The official explained that when Israel loses hope about Lebanon abandoning its rights, it will be forced to retreat.

"Our strategy must be to progress forward. After all this experience, victories, and achievements, none of us should ever think about retreating."

The party believes its threat to use force against Israeli installations has moved the border demarcation negotiations again.

For his part, the Head of Loyalty to Resistance parliamentary bloc, Mohammad Raad, underlined that Lebanon insists on obtaining its exclusive maritime rights.

Raad said that Israel pretends that Europe needs gas and the opportunity is suitable for them to extract it from the occupied waters, denying Lebanon's rights to demarcate its maritime borders and gas extraction.

The lawmaker indicated that four drones were enough to change the situation, pushed the US to send an envoy, and is now ready to fulfill the demands of the Lebanese.

Raad pointed out that Lebanese officials agreed on a unified position, and the drones supported the official Lebanese position, adding that the party could demonstrate its strength at this moment, leading to positive developments.

He indicated that based on previous experiences, "we must not depend on those who have wronged us," despite all media reports about positive developments and concessions in the interest of Lebanon based on the official position supported by the resistance.

Raad asserted that the party would remain prepared to face all options until the agreement was finalized.

Hezbollah waved the possibility of waging war against Israel, rhetoric repeated by its officials in the past few days.

Member of Hezbollah's Central Council, Sheikh Hassan al-Baghdadi, said that if there is hope in Lebanon's gas and oil, it is through this equation that lost the enemy its ability to maneuver, putting it between two options.

Baghdadi explained that the enemy either has to agree to Lebanon's rightful demand for demarcation and gas exploration or head to war.

He believes that Israel does not want war, especially after the victory of the July 2006 war, warning that the results of any "unconsidered adventure" will be different at various levels and have dire consequences.

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