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John Authers

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Bitcoin and SPACs Give 2021 an Early Retro Flavor

Welcome to a new year. Rarely if ever can so many have wished so fervently for the old one to end.

Like Life, Inflation Tends to Come at You Fast

Inertia Creeps The US publishes its last inflation data for the year on Thursday.

Pandemic Markets Can Find Lessons in History

What will be the long-term consequences of the pandemic? Few if any answers are clear.

Why Are Markets So Calm About the Second Wave?

Is there a deeper wave than this?

There's No Immunity From the Tech Market Herd

Tech stocks didn’t have to endure much of a correction.

Currency Markets Are Making a Dangerous Brexit Bet

Maybe it is a sign of normality finally returning after the pandemic that Brexit is back in the he

Boris's Empire Song Sinks Beneath Market Waves

Britain has moved on from the Brexit debate.

Seven Deadly Unknowns Drive Dollar's Downward Spin

What follows is dedicated to Donald Rumsfeld and to Athanasios Vamvakidis, foreign exchange strategi

The Fed’s Stocks Policy Is Exuberantly Asymmetric

The Federal Reserve and the stock market often appear to be moving together.

Fed Hawks Are Endangered in the Covid Slowdown

It seems odd for familiar rhythms to continue in the time of Covid, but Wednesday will bring the lat

Cold War Is Here, and Chinese Stocks Don't Care

China and the US are ever more at loggerheads. Why doesn't it appear to matter?


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