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Houthis Organize Sectarian Courses for Public Servants

Houthis Organize Sectarian Courses for Public Servants

Wednesday, 1 November, 2017 - 11:15
Yemeni Houthi demonstrators in Sanaa on September 9, 2014. (Photo: AFP-Mohammed Huwais)

Houthi militias organized courses for public servants in areas under their control and within closed centers. The centers train the members on the teachings of Hussein Badreddine al-Houthi aiming to spread the sectarian principles that are foreign to Yemen.

Academic at Aden University, Qassim al-Mehbashi confirmed that what Houthis are doing is part of their dangerous sectarian strategy which aims to drain the country of its values.

He added that Abdulmalik Houthi's latest orders come within this context and includes retraining employees in the public sector until they are rehabilitated on the methods of his brother Hussein.

Mehbashi stressed that Houthis' method is dangerous and threatens the Yemeni social fabric of the northern districts, which he described as a great example of the cultural fusion to exist since the 1962 revolution.

"Houthis didn’t abstain from reforming minds according to their methods especially after the current circumstances made it possible to form institutions and policies as they please,” he declared.

Deputy Minister of Information Abdo Meghles considered that by forcing public workers to attend the courses, Houthis are violating human rights and freedom of speech and religion. He pointed out that the insurgency altered the curriculum and recruited students in schools under their control into militants in their lost battles.

The insurgents do not believe in the social contract between the people and the especially that the insurgency leadership gain their authority by recruiting people claiming they are the ones chosen to rule Yemen.

"They lead their project as an extension to the Iranian Safavi project imported from Qom,” according to the minister.

Meghles called for the activation of UN Resolution 2216 to save the Yemeni people from this enemy that violates the Yemeni citizens' rights in all fields of education, health, and humanitarian. He described Houthis' crimes as "war crimes" and that they should be punished like their Iranian leaders.

He called upon international organizations to monitor all Houthis' violations to be used against them in a fair trial.

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