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Tueller: ‘No Negligence in Dealing with Iran’s Interventions’

Tueller: ‘No Negligence in Dealing with Iran’s Interventions’

Thursday, 2 November, 2017 - 14:45
Yemen's Prime Minister Ahmed Obeid bin Daghr. Reuters

US Ambassador to Yemen Matthew H. Tueller has stated that his country is fully aware of the gravity of Iran's meddling in the internal affairs of Yemen.

During a meeting Wednesday with Yemeni Prime Minister Ahmed Obeid bin Daghr in Riyadh, Tueller said that the US, in collaboration with the international community, is determined to deal seriously with the Iranian interventions.

Tueller reiterated his country's support for restoring legitimacy in Yemen and for protecting the country's stability and unity, hailing the successes achieved by the legitimate government in the regions liberated from the coup d'état perpetrators at the financial and security levels, according to Yemen News Agency.

For his part, Bin Daghr affirmed that Yemen's support for the new US strategy adopted by President Donald Trump towards Iran stems from a full awareness of the seriousness of its destructive role that aims to destabilize the security and stability of the Arab region and the world and its full involvement in supporting the coup against Yemeni legitimacy, prolonging the war and deepening the tragedy and resulting in humanitarian catastrophe.

He stressed that Houthi and Saleh militia, supported by Tehran, should not bet on distracting the international community from the root of the problem, which is represented in the armed militias that carried out a coup against the legitimate authority and put its president-elect from the people under house arrest, and turning it into a humanitarian cause to legitimize their presence.

“The international community is aware of the problem and its solution and of the reason behind this war that was imposed on the legitimate government.”

“These militias and their supporters must understand that the unprecedented international consensus on the issue of Yemen is a clear message that a militia coup against the legitimate force and an elected president will not be accepted and will be deterred in order not to recur in any other country,” Bin Daghr explained.

He pointed to the importance of the responsibility of the international community, the United Nations and the Security Council to assist the legitimate government and the US-led coalition to complete the enforcement of binding decisions under the seventh chapter and end the coup.

The international community acknowledges Iran’s approach, which is based on procrastination and evasion and is adopted by its allies in Yemen, Bin Daghr explained, referring to talks with Iran on the nuclear deal.

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