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Lebanon’s Geagea: Hariri Resigned because Govt. was Prevented from Functioning

Lebanon’s Geagea: Hariri Resigned because Govt. was Prevented from Functioning

Sunday, 5 November, 2017 - 11:45
Head of the Lebanese Forces Samir Geagea. (NNA)

Head of the Lebanese Samir Geagea voiced on Saturday his support for Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s decision to resign, wondering what took him so long.

He said: “He stepped down because the government was not able to practice its authority as was expected of it.”

“The developments of the past eight months left no room for someone to continue on respecting themselves,” he added.

A “shadow government” has been operating instead of the actual cabinet, explained Geagea, which prompted Hariri to take action against it.

The actual government has not been able to take decisions, he stated.

The army, for example, headed towards waging the battle against ISIS in the northeastern border region of Arsal, but “Hezbollah” exploited the battle for its interest, he explained.

The Iranian-backed party usurped the army’s victory to hold negotiations with the ISIS terror group against the interests of the Lebanese people and in favor of issues that have nothing to do with Lebanon, continued the LF chief.

“How do you therefore expect the head of the government to continue in such circumstances?” he wondered.

“For seven months, some ministers have made visits to Syria and met with officials from the Syrian regime as if there is a state in Syria, while in fact it is run by Iranian, Turkish, Jordanian, American and Russian forces,” he said.

“At the same time, they are pressuring the government to appoint an ambassador for Lebanon in Syria. Who will he present his credentials to? There is no state in Syria,” he added.

The only solution to the government crisis lies in President Michel Aoun calling for dialogue talks, stressed Geagea.

The only article of the talks should be setting a roadmap on how to transition from a semi-state to an actual state and everything that this entails, he emphasized.

“Any other alternative will keep us sedated while the disease continues to eat away at Lebanon,” he warned.

“Why should we continue to tolerate boycotts, sanctions, abuse of funds and the loss of tourists and investments?” he asked.

“Why should we continue to tolerate this for the sake of so-called golden equations, which are in fact wooden and destructive as evidenced by where they have led us,” he stressed.

“The only equation we have is that of the Lebanese people and Lebanese state that is ruled by the constitution and Lebanese laws,” he added.

Hariri resigned on Saturday in protest against Iran’s continued meddling in Lebanese internal affairs through its proxy “Hezbollah.”

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