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Yemeni Army Closes in On Houthis in Saada

Yemeni Army Closes in On Houthis in Saada

Sunday, 28 January, 2018 - 09:00
An armed Houthi man walks past cooking gas cylinders in the yard of a gas station in Saada, Yemen August 27, 2016. (File Photo: Reuters)

The National Army launched a large-scale military operation to liberate Kataf al-Boqee district in Saada, days after achieving, with the support of the coalition forces, a considerable progress in Saada and controling the most important sites and strategic mountains.

After fierce battles in insurgents' stronghold, the National Army forces managed to liberate the mountain range of Ruwaikbah and al-Maarouf, east of Saada.

National army inflicted several injuries among the insurgents and many other escaped the region, in addition to recovering large quantities of munitions and weapons, a military source told Asharq Al-Awsat.

National Army's website "September Net"reported Brigadier Obeid al-Aqla as saying that Army forces, backed by the coalition, are engaged in fierce battles with Houthis militias as part of the liberation operations of Saada.

He added that the national army forces are highly motivated and fully prepared to proceed with the battles, as opposed to the Houthi militants who fled the area seeking a refuge.

On the West Coast, the army completed liberating a number of areas under the control of Houthi's militias in the district of Hays south of Hodeidah (west of Yemen). The army liberated villages and areas of Qurniyah, Hussei Ahmad, Mahwa al-Subeai, al-Kharaba, and many others. The forces are now only 4 kilometers away from the city center of Hays, according to a field military source.

In Taiz, the Yemeni National Army forces, announced on Saturday the downing of a Houthi reconnaissance aircraft in the province, 175 kilometers south of Sanaa.

September Net site quoted a military source as saying: "The National Army forces shot down a Houthi reconnaissance aircraft in the vicinity of Jabal Jara north of Taiz."

The source added that the plane was dropped while the militias were trying to explore National Army forces' sites in the northern front of Taiz which are achieving significant progress during the battles.

The source pointed out that "there are experts from Iran and Lebanese 'Hezbollah' supervising the Houthis' battles in Taiz," adding that they are developing those aircraft that are trying to monitor the sites of the National Army.

The source stressed that the forces of the National Army were able to inflict heavy losses among Houthi militias on the northern front, pointing out that the army continues to advance in the north towards the 60th Street and al-Zakera intersection to lift Taiz's seige.

Until the publication of this report, Houthis did not comment on the issue.

German DPA news agency quoted military sources as saying that the National Army forces took control of several sites and areas east and west of Taiz, following fierce clashes with Houthis. The sources confirmed that the fighting resulted in the death and injury of dozens of militants, along with the detention of eight others.

Maj. Gen. Khaled Fadel, commander of Taiz axis, toured the area and saluted the army soldiers for their sacrificies and heroism. He explained that Houthis planted many land mines in the area, but the forces are advancing and excited to liberate the area as soon as possible.

Over the past two days, the National Army has managed to liberate several positions from the Houthis' grip on more than one front.

Backed by the coalition forces to support the legitimacy in Yemen, National Army forces launched a large-scale military operation on several axes in Taiz, aimed at liberating the areas from Houthis control.

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