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Aboul Gheit: US Abandonment of Global Leadership Led to Turkey, Iran’s Violations

Aboul Gheit: US Abandonment of Global Leadership Led to Turkey, Iran’s Violations

Thursday, 26 December, 2019 - 10:15
Ahmed Aboul Gheit, Arab League's secretary general, gestures as he speaks at the Rome Mediterranean summit MED 2018 in Rome, Italy November 22, 2018. Reuters/Max Rossi

The international system is going through a profound transformation in terms of relations between major powers and the possibilities of competition or conflict between them, said Secretary-General of the Arab League Ahmed Aboul Gheit.

He pointed out that the US withdrawal from the global leadership has led to turmoil in several regions, including the Arab region.

The senior official called on Arabs to highly consider these changes to draw conclusions and look ahead.

In his lecture on Wednesday to the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research, he said Iran, Turkey, and Israel pose a varying imminent threat.

Aboul Gheit noted that the US repositioning in the region tempts certain regional powers to cross the red lines in an unprecedented manner.

He referred to the Iranian behavior and its attacks against the Arab Gulf last summer, as well as Turkey’s interventions in Syria, and then more recently in Libya.

Aboul Gheit identified technology development, climate change and migration as three main issues that cause a lot of turmoil in both developed and developing worlds, stressing that Arab countries should prepare to confront these accelerating changes that will have repercussions on their future.

The Secretary-General pointed in particular to the negative role played by the communication and information technology in reshaping people's awareness by using “big data” and algorithms in designing publicity for a specific period in the future.

He also highlighted the various complications raised by the migration issue, especially in light of the sharp political polarization it raises in Western societies.

He stressed the need for these societies, other advanced economies in Japan and China for high-skilled young immigrants to bridge their skills gap in light of its rapidly aging population.

Aboul Gheit affirmed that about 100,000 scientists, engineers, doctors, and experts emigrate every year from eight Arab countries, which negatively affects the development efforts in the Arab world.

Climate change will also have serious impacts on the Arab region, being the world’s largest region facing food deficit.

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