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New Smart Contact Lenses Measure Temperature, Glucose in Tear Fluid

New Smart Contact Lenses Measure Temperature, Glucose in Tear Fluid

Tuesday, 12 January, 2021 - 09:00
A prototype of Mojo Vision's smart contact lens, which delivers an augmented reality display in a user's field of vision. AFP

The journal Matter recently reported that a team of researchers from the UK and the US has developed new multifunctional contact lenses with an ultra-thin sensor layer that measure temperature for diagnosing potential corneal disease, and a glucose sensor for directly monitoring the glucose levels in tear fluid through a photodetector that receives optical information.

According to the German News Agency, a team of engineers from the University of Surrey together with partners from Harvard University, George Washington University, University of Science and Technology of China, UK National Physical Laboratory, and Zhejiang University developed the new lenses thanks to a breakthrough in the sensor system manufacturing technology.

"Our ultra-thin sensor layer is different from the conventional smart contact lenses. This new layer could instead be mounted onto a contact lens and maintain direct contact with tears, and perform the vital measurements without interfering with vision," the Science Daily website quoted Researcher Shiqi Guo, from Harvard University, as saying.

The team confirmed that the sensor, which could be mounted onto a contact lens, can be used to monitor health and diagnose diseases in the future.

"Our results provide not only a unique and simple method for manufacturing advanced smart contact lenses, but also novel insight for designing other multifunctional electronics," said Researcher Yunlong Zhao from the University of Surrey.

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