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Geagea: Aoun’s Presidency Turned Lebanon into Failed State

Geagea: Aoun’s Presidency Turned Lebanon into Failed State

Monday, 6 September, 2021 - 06:30
Geagea during his speech on Sunday. (Lebanese Forces)

Lebanese Force leader Samir Geagea slammed on Sunday President Michel Aoun, saying his term was catastrophic for Lebanon.

“His term is that of complete collapse that is being managed by ruling groups that have surrendered authority and state sovereignty,” he added during an address commemorating LF martyrs.

“They have turned Lebanon into a failed state that is ruled by the corrupt, failures, thieves, traitors and criminals,” he stressed.

“There can be no salvation and progress with this ruling class, whose strong foundation is the Hezbollah and Free Patriotic Movement,” he added. The FPM was founded by Aoun and is now headed by his son-in-law Gebran Bassil.

“Aoun’s presidency has been very catastrophic for all Lebanese, especially the Christians,” remarked Geagea.

He acknowledged the criticism against the LF that had reached an agreement with the FPM in 2016 that ensured Aoun’s election as president.

“We extremely regret that a move that was full of good intentions would backfire,” he said. The Maarab agreement, he stressed, had national and Christian intentions. It sought to end the presidential vacuum, achieve national unity and mend historic wounds.

“Unfortunately, the deal turned into an unprecedented tragedy for Lebanon,” lamented Geagea.

“Lebanon is in need of a captain, who can steer the state ship towards safety, not a pirate, who has taken the people hostage to his selfishness and is steering the ship according to his interests.”

Separately, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi informed his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron on Sunday that Tehran supports the formation of a strong Lebanese government.

In telephone talks with Macron, he said Iran was prepared to cooperate with France to that end.

The formation of a strong government “may ensure and protect the rights of the Lebanese people,” he was quoted as saying by Iranian media.

“We are ready to work with France towards Lebanon and its development,” he stressed, adding that Iran, France and Hezbollah’s efforts to form a strong government “fall in Lebanon’s favor.”

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