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Int’l Coalition Reaffirms Support for Iraq

Int’l Coalition Reaffirms Support for Iraq

Sunday, 19 September, 2021 - 09:30
The Iraqi army launches an operation to hunt down ISIS cells (AFP)

The US-led International Coalition against ISIS in Iraq and Syria has renewed its support for Iraq as US forces begin their gradual withdrawal from the Levantine country.

The fourth round of meetings of the Joint Technical Committee between Iraq and the US had kicked off in Baghdad on Friday with the Joint Operations Command of the Iraqi Army saying that a security agreement had been signed to reduce the combat units and military forces in each of the two bases of Ain al-Assad in western Iraq’s Anbar province, and Harir in the Kurdistan region near Erbil.

Meanwhile, the Coalition said Saturday it carried out raids targeting sites of the terrorist organization on the outskirts of Kifri district in the Sulaymaniyah province in northern Iraq.

“Coalition warplanes carried out three air strikes targeting terrorist hideouts in the Koh mountain range near Nogol district in Kifri district,” according to a security source who requested anonymity.

“French warplanes bombed a location where the terrorists were hiding, near the village of Qalan, according to intelligence information,” said the source.

Earlier Saturday, the Iraqi Ministry of Defense said in a statement that security forces had arrested an ISIS member in the Al-Mushahdah district, north of the capital Baghdad.

In a Twitter post, military spokesman, Col. Wayne Marotto, said the Coalition is committed to supporting both the Iraqi security forces and the Kurdish Peshmerga forces in their fight against ISIS and to ensure that the group “never resurges.”

It is noteworthy that the Coalition’s stand in solidarity with Iraq comes at a time that ISIS is waging several operations in different parts of the country, even in areas near the capital, Baghdad.

While the Iraqi government had concluded a truce with Iran-aligned armed factions to ensure they no longer target US troops in Iraq, the most important development remains Baghdad’s agreement with Washington to cut back the number of forces in Ain al-Assad in western Iraq’s Anbar province, and Harir in the Kurdistan region near Erbil.

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