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‘Ibn Rushd…Philosophers’ Criticism of Nature’

‘Ibn Rushd…Philosophers’ Criticism of Nature’

Tuesday, 19 April, 2022 - 07:30

Dar Al Hiwar for publishing recently released a new addition to its Philosophy collection, a new book by Sami Ibrahim Jabboury entitled "Ibn Rushd…Philosophers’ Criticism of Nature".

The publisher writes in the foreward: “Of many characteristics Ibn Rushd had, we cite the rationality of his thought; belief in the greatness of knowledge; the scientific, critical, and judgmental spirit; openness to the truth wherever it exists; in addition to his emphasis on civicism which doesn’t differentiate people based on religion or sect, but on their qualification and intellectual potential; and finally, his constant call for an open, free, and bold intellect."

"This book focuses on physics matters that sparked important disagreements between Ibn Rushd and other philosophers, like Alexander and Ibn Sina, over the natural science principles, and with Al-Farabi and Ibn Sina over the infinity matter.

The book shed lights on Inb Rushd’s knowledge of natural and meteorological phenomena through his study of earth and sky. His disagreements continue with Ibn Bājja and Galenus in the matters of ego, senses, and touch.

The book also explores the sky and earth, the main interest of Ibn Rushd, among others featured in the "Overhead Effects", the main chapter of the book. It highlights his knowledge of natural phenomena and their comparison to meteorological phenomena.

Ibn Rushd differentiates the verbal power from other powers, including the illusional power, over which he disputed with Ibn Sina. He also believed that Ibn Sina made mistakes regarding issues related to the senses.

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