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Saudi Arabia Always Pursues Political Solution in Yemen in Spite of Wrong Interpretations 

Saudi Arabia Always Pursues Political Solution in Yemen in Spite of Wrong Interpretations 

Sunday, 20 November, 2022 - 07:45
A general view of Sanaa, Yemen. (EPA)

Observers of the situation in Yemen find that Riyadh has used diplomacy to reach a solution to the war-torn country’s crisis and end the coup of the Iran-backed Houthi militias. 

Saudi Arabia has remained committed to its allies in Yemen. It has not abandoned them, making it difficult for the Houthis to achieve their ambitions. Throughout, the Kingdom’s strategy in Yemen lies in resolving the crisis through political means. 

The Kingdom has backed the United Nations’ solution to the crisis. UN envoys have come and gone, but the Saudi support has remained unwavering, whether in facilitating the envoys’ mission, positively approaching suggestions or using its international relations to ensure their success. 

Moreover, Saudi Arabia has opened back channels, establishing communication with the Houthis and Saudi officials have even met with militia officials, such as in Geneva shortly after the coup and later in Kuwait in 2016. 

Observers find that Saudi Arabia has no reservations over all efforts aimed at ending the crisis in Yemen. It constantly has the interests of the Yemeni people at heart, which is reflected in its political efforts, as well as its development and humanitarian work in Yemen. 

Furthermore, Saudi Arabia has also pursued direct dialogue with Iran. Saudi officials have confirmed the talks whenever they are asked about them by the press. 

Regardless of whether these talks make progress or not, the fact that they are being held is significant for Yemen seeing as Iran is the main cause for the prolongation of the crisis through its support to the Houthis. 

The political predicament facing these efforts, whether the Saudi or the international ones, is tied to several factors, the most prominent of which observers believe is the wrong interpretation of the diplomatic efforts. 

The wrong view believes that Riyadh is targeting the Houthis, while the reality is that its greater goal is to achieve security and stability for the Kingdom and Yemen and the interests of the Yemeni people. 

The Yemeni people are not surprised with Saudi Arabia’s openness to various tribal and political powers in Yemen. One of the Kingdom’s key strengths is its good relations with these parties that allow it to act as a trusted mediator during times of disputes. 

It is evident that Riyadh will continue to back the Yemeni government and people in their goal to reclaim their state.  

Saudi Arabia has not only provided political support to its neighbor, but also economic backing to the government and people. Positive economic development in Yemen, in line with Vision 2030, will not only impact the country, but the region as a whole. 

Major investments are being unveiled in Arab countries. They are part of Saudi Arabia’s leading role in becoming the example and moral and financial motivator to all countries so that the region will set its sights on the future, economy, growth and quality of life, away from ideologies, sectarianism and narrow politics that have impoverished nations and dashed people’s hopes and dreams. 

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