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Iraqi President Meets Kurdish Leaderships to Prepare for Negotiations

Iraqi President Fuad Masoum held talks in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region on Sunday with a number of party leaders to pave the way for negotiations between Irbil…

Sherzad Shikhani (AlSulaimaniya)
Interviews Kurdistan

Kurdish Parliament Speaker: Referendum Consequences Destroyed Achievements of Past 25 Years

After extending the term of the outgoing Iraqi Kurdistan parliament, it was believed that Speaker Yusuf Mohammed Sadiq would return to Irbil and carry out his…

Sherzad Shikhani (AlSulaimaniya)
Arab World Barzani

Iraqi Federal Court to Issue Decision to Annul Kurdish Referendum

The Federal Court of Iraq will issue on Monday a final decision on the annulment of the independence referendum held in the Kurdistan region and disputed areas…

Sherzad Shikhani (AlSulaimaniya)
Arab World Kirkuk

Kurds Fear ‘Arabization’ of Iraq’s Kirkuk

It appears that the Iraqi federal authority's recapturing of Kirkik from Kurdish control has not ended the disputes that have plagued the oil-rich region since…

Sherzad Shikhani (AlSulaimaniya)