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Arab World Wassim Mansouri, Acting Governor of Lebanon’s Central Bank (BDL), speaks during a press conference. (AP)

BDL Acting Governor: I Will Not Use People’s Deposits to Lend to the State

It may not be fair to compare the 30 years that the former Governor of the Banque du Liban (BDL), Riad Salameh, spent in managing the country’s financial…

Thaer Abbas (Beirut)
Interviews Maj. Gen. Imad Othman honors officers retiring (ISF Website)

Lebanese Internal Security Chief Warns of Political Impact on Stability

In less than nine months, if the current political deadlock in Lebanon persists, the management of the Internal Security Forces (ISF), a pivotal sector in the…

Thaer Abbas (Beirut)
Arab World  Presidential Envoy Jean-Yves Le Drian held a meeting with Samir Geagea, the leader of the “Lebanese Forces” party during his recent visit to Lebanon.

Le Drian to Visit Lebanon Next Month on ‘Last Opportunity’ Mission

During a recent meeting of the five nations focused on Lebanon’s affairs in the Qatari capital, it became clear that a fragile balance holds the international…

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Arab World Lebanese Forces (LF) Leader Samir Geagea, French presidential envoy Jean-Yves Le Drian, and their delegations during the talks (LF website)

Lebanon Spends Summer Without President...Autumn Set as Pivotal Deadline

Even though the message carried by the visit of the French presidential envoy, Jean-Yves Le Drian, was singular, the interpretations given by the Lebanese…

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Arab World Lebanese parliament Speaker Nabih Berri (R) shakes hands with Jean-Yves Le Drian (L), the former French foreign minister and special envoy for Lebanon, at Berri's house in Beirut, Lebanon, 25 July 2023. (EPA)

Berri to Asharq Al-Awsat: Breakthrough Reached in Lebanon’s Presidential Crisis 

French presidential envoy to Lebanon Jean-Yves Le Drian kicked off a Tuesday a new visit to the country in the hopes of achieving a breakthrough in the impasse…

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Arab World Members of the quintet meet in Doha. (Qatari Foreign Ministry)

Le Drian Delays Return to Beirut to Complete Consultations

The quintet for Lebanon has not drawn up a roadmap to resolve the crisis over the country’s presidential elections, revealed western diplomatic sources to…

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Interviews Carlos Ghosn speaks to Asharq Al-Awsat

Carlos Ghosn to Asharq Al-Awsat: I Will Seize Nissan’s Properties in Lebanon, the World

Former Chairman of the Board of Nissan Carlos Ghosn said he was serious in suing the company “to compensate for the moral and physical abuse he suffered as a…

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Arab World 15 June 2023, Lebanon, Beirut: A Lebanese depositor hurls a metal piece at a local bank's facade in the Sin el-Fil suburb east of Beirut. Dozens of Lebanese protesters on Thursday attacked major banks in the nation's capital amid anger over a deepening economic crisis. Photo: Marwan Naamani/dpa

Berri: Lebanon Averted a ‘Huge Crisis’ after Latest Presidential Vote

Speaker Nabih Berri has revealed that he will take his time in scheduling a new session to elect a president, saying that Lebanon averted a “huge crisis”…

Thaer Abbas (Beirut)