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Arab World Houthis showcasing their naval mines in front of the global media during a military parade in Sanaa (X)

Criticism Grows Over Global Inaction against Houthi Maritime Threat

Houthi threats to maritime navigation have escalated in recent weeks, prompting international scrutiny of the group’s behavior in the Red Sea and the Arabian…

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Arab World Houthis ignore the suffering of people in their areas and focus on mobilization and recruitment (EPA)

Millions of Yemenis Face Difficult Months Amid Increasing Food Shortage

The UN expects hunger and food shortages to expand in Yemen during the next six months, as numbers of displaced persons arriving at camps have increased due to…

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Arab World The Houthi group contradicts itself in speech and practice regarding the peace process (AFP)

Local, Int’l Expectations for Elusive Yemeni Peace

Houthi escalatory practices on military and political levels in Yemen have made it difficult to achieve real peace, especially with Houthis implementing…

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Arab World Heavy floods caused material and human damage in Aden last year (X)

Yemeni Officials Warn of Disaster Scenario Similar to Derna in Aden

Yemeni officials are increasingly concerned about environmental hazards in the country, saying Hurricane Daniel that hit the Libyan city of Derna this month…

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Arab World A massive fire that followed the explosion of an LPG bottling plant in Sanaa (EPA)

Severe Cooking Gas Shortage Hit Yemenis’ Kitchens

The recent explosion of a cooking gas tank in north Sanaa revealed the worsening of the risks facing the lives and safety of residents of cities controlled by…

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Arab World Yemeni consumers are unable to purchase fruits despite their abundance and declining prices

Yemen: Salary Cuts, Unemployment Lead to Seasonal Fruit Slump

The seasonal fruit markets in the northern provinces of Yemen are witnessing unprecedented stagnation, as consumers struggle to buy goods due to deteriorating…

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Arab World Al-Alimi inaugurated development and service projects in Al-Mahra Governorate. (Saba)

Alimi Inaugurates Development Projects in Yemen's Al-Mahra Governorate

Dr. Rashad Mohammad Al-Alimi, Chairman of Yemen’s Presidential Leadership Council, laid the foundation stone for the Al-Ghaydah power station, during a…

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Arab World Chairman of the Yemeni Presidential Leadership Council, Rashad al-Alimi, and the Governor of Al-Mahra in a meeting with the local authority (Saba)

Yemen's Alimi: Mahrah is No Longer Isolated

Chairman of the Yemeni Presidential Leadership Council Rashad al-Alimi confirmed that the al-Mahrah governorate is no longer isolated and has become at the…

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