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After Deadly Clashes Yemeni Government Seeks Reconciliation

After Deadly Clashes Yemeni Government Seeks Reconciliation

Thursday, 8 February, 2018 - 08:30
A fighter from the separatist Southern Transitional Council sits on the back of an armed vehicle in the Dar Saad district in the north of Aden on Jan. 31, 2018 (SALEH AL-OBEIDI / AFP)

In its first official meeting in Aden on Wednesday since the chaotic events there, the Yemeni government made calls for a reconciliation and for ridding political tension – it also demanded launching an investigation that includes accusations of corruption made by Southern Transitional Council against the government.

Yemeni Prime Minister Ahmed Obeid bin Daghr demanded investigating the corruption charge, which was exploited by the coup members to attack the legality. He suggested that sister countries send Arab financial experts to investigate this false claim, which was promoted by a large media machine.

During the meeting, the government thanked the coalition for defusing the crisis and pledged to achieve a social reconciliation in Aden and neighboring provinces. The government also announced paying compensations to households of clashes’ dead and adopting monthly salaries.

The meeting stood a moment of silence dedicated to souls of those who fell martyrs due to clashes, which the government described them as a coup attempt against Abd Rabu Mansour Hadi legality.

The fierce clashes paralyzed the movement in the city for around three days, end of January, and led to 28 dead and more than 300 wounded. Then the decisive intervention of the Arab Coalition helped restore quiet and stability to the city.

Supporters of the Southern Transitional Council, led by Aidarus al-Zoubaidi, described the coup as a legit escalation to oust bin Daghr government due to president Hadi neglect of the duration granted by the council to implement the demand to dismiss the government.

Bin Daghr revealed that he has advised the council to transform into a political party and take part in the elections, since the Southern Transitional Council has a great chance of reaching the authority in eastern and southern provinces.

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