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Sisi Pledges Youth Leadership Qualification… Calls for Halting Religious Provocations

Sisi Pledges Youth Leadership Qualification… Calls for Halting Religious Provocations

Tuesday, 7 November, 2017 - 13:15
Egypt's President Abdel Fatah el-Sisi. AP

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi pledged to rehabilitate young people to lead the country and said there was "a real political will to communicate and understand their point of views," calling at the same time for halting religious provocations.

During his participation in discussion panels for the World Youth Forum, which will continue to be held in Sharm El Sheikh until November 9, Sisi stressed that the “real interest of the country lies in qualifying the youth.”

“As long as they are well prepared, the state is safer and more peaceful. If they are reassured, it will be a decisive factor in building a modern democratic civil state.”

The President expressed confidence in the youth because they are the strength, ability, hope and ambition of the country, and those who can not mobilize these capacities for the benefit of the future and the country will lose a lot. He explained that “executive procedures and efforts made can increase.”

Sisi pointed out that Egypt has millions of unemployed youth representing a huge challenge for the state. He stressed that facing this challenge requires cooperation between both the government and the society.

Talking about the presidential leadership program, Sisi said that it was initially a young person’s idea to establish a platform which enables all youth to have a real chance to voice their opinions within the society.

“Our forum today was another idea of one of the youth as well, which we decided to turn into an annual event in parallel with the regular youth meeting,” Sisi added.

Sisi addressed youth during the session, saying, “my message to you is to accept and respect others regardless of religions and cultures; a clash is a possibility, but communication is a must.”

He explained that clashes and conflicts take place in the world as a result of some people’s sense of superiority due to their religion, culture or race, “although God created us all different.”

“Acceptance is not necessarily admitting to others’ religions or doctrines; however, we all have to accept each other and communicate rather than clash,” Sisi said.

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