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Syria’s Northern Federation Gears Up for Local Elections

Syria’s Northern Federation Gears Up for Local Elections

Thursday, 16 November, 2017 - 09:30
Syria’s northern federal electorate commission members partake in a press address, Syria, Asharq Al-Awsat

Syria’s northern federal top electorate commission named on Wednesday candidates who will be running for the upcoming round of local institutions elections.

The ballots, scheduled for December, will determine the members of local councils and municipalities.

A list of approved candidates and electoral lists have been issued by the commission.

“The number of candidates in Al-Jazira region reached 3,048, while in the Euphrates region a 1,170, and 1,502 in Afrin,” said commission senior member Ezzddiene Farhan.

“A total of 824 seats are allocated for Al-Jazira, 256 in the Euphrates region, and 205 in Afrin,” he added on the commission’s distribution of institutional posts.

Syria’s Kurds, in a coalition with Christian parties, had announced earlier in March 2016 that a federal system will be established across areas under their control in northern Syria.

The area was split into three regions: Al-Jazira region which includes Al-Hasakeh province in northeast Syria; Euphrates region with includes Tal Al Abyad in Raqqa’s rural areas and Ayn Al Arab (Kobani) in rural Aleppo; Afrin, which includes rural Aleppo, and eastern Aleppo towns under Syrian Democratic Forces control.  

Farhan said the commission invited international bodies and organizations to monitor the elections, and will work in coordination with human rights authority to advance self-management and regulation of electoral processes.

More so, the commission named 10,280 society members to poll duty on Election Day. Eight will be guarding watch over each center.

According to Farhan, all lists and candidates have the right to start campaigning until 29 this month.

"The election campaign shall be in the form of radio broadcasts, distribution of statements, speeches and festivals and festivals within the conditions and criteria set by the commission," said Farhan.

According to executive regulations set by the commission, it is forbidden to appeal to other candidates or incite against them, and to abide by the principles of coexistence and tolerance among all components of society in the regions of the "Northern Syrian Federation.”

More so, the commission barred raising campaigning material on places of worship, and also prohibited the exploitation of career influence for campaigning.

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