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Yemeni Insurgents Forcibly Recruit Child Soldiers After Losses in Qubaytah

Yemeni Insurgents Forcibly Recruit Child Soldiers After Losses in Qubaytah

Monday, 20 November, 2017 - 09:30
Saudi-led coalition forces gather at the site of a suicide car bomb attack outside a police forces camp in Aden, Yemen, November 14, 2017. PHOTO: Reuters

For the sixth day in a row, fierce fighting continues between forces of the National Army and elements of the popular resistance in Qubaytah on one hand and the coup militias of Houthi and Saleh on the other.

Meanwhile, the Coalition for Supporting Legitimacy in Yemen continues its support for the army forces; inflicting a number of casualties in the lines of the coupists and capturing a number of them.

In Qubaytah, Houthi Insurgents continue to forcibly recruit child soldiers in their losing battle, spokesman for the government forces in Qubaytah Ali al-Muntasser told Asharq Al-Awsat.

Muntasser called on the sheikhs, who are loyal to the coup militias and contribute to facilitating the entry of their militants to their villages, to join the ranks of the national army and popular resistance to clear the Directorate from the coupists.

As a result of intensified fighting in Lahj, especially in a number of areas adjacent to Taiz, army forces advanced in the Nahm Front, east of Sanaa, and the army responded to other infiltration attempts in Al-Bayda, Sarawah in Marib and the western and eastern fronts of Taiz.

The southern resistance forces achieved new progress and were able to liberate the entire crossing area in addition to storming Jabal al-Qarn, and they are now on their way to liberate a number of important and strategic sites, Muntasser added.

He pointed out that the western front, led by Brigadier Hamdi Shukri, has advanced towards Shi’b al-Suq and is currently besieging militia militants in Jabal al-Rakiza, which will be liberated in the coming few hours.

On the other hand, national army forces launched a fierce attack on the positions of the militias of Houthi and Saleh in Nahm directorate, the eastern gate to Sanaa,inflicting human losses and huge material damages.

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