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Palestine Liberation Organization to Reconsider the Peace Process

Palestine Liberation Organization to Reconsider the Peace Process

Monday, 25 December, 2017 - 07:30
A masked Palestinian stands next to a man wearing a Santa Claus costume as they hold candles during a rally on Christmas day. (File Photo: Suhaib Salem, Reuters,12/26/2015)

Palestine Liberation Organization's (PLO) Central Council will consider declaring the Palestinian territories occupied in 1967 as "a state under occupation" during its upcoming meeting, according to member of Fatah Central Committee Azzam al-Ahmad.

Ahmad said the Central Council is going to meet in Ramallah before the middle of next month and will conduct a comprehensive political review of the peace process and the steps required by the Palestinians.

"It is not possible to continue with the relationship with Israel as long as the latter keeps denying the rights of our people, particularly in Jerusalem," he added.

In response to US President Donald Trump's recent decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital, member of Fatah indicated that further Palestinian diplomatic action will take place in the UN General Assembly, Security Council and even the International Criminal Court as well as other international organizations.

"We are facing a continuous, cumulative and long political, diplomatic and popular battle," he indicated, adding that invitations had been sent to Hamas and al-Jihad to attend the meeting but there hadn't been any official responses yet.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday said Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, in rejecting US-led peace efforts, has shown he is not interested in resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“Abbas declared that he is quitting the process and, in effect, is not interested in any proposal that the US might submit. I think that once again it is becoming clear: It is the Palestinians who do not want to resolve this conflict,” said Netanyahu during a government's session.

The prime minister added that US said that the root of the general conflict in the Middle East does not lie in Israel, but in Iran and in radical Islam and the terrorism that it inspires, which is very important.

“All of these are the true reasons that have been revealed to everyone. Whoever sees clearly and has integrity cannot deny them,” he added.

In his Christmas message, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said US decision is "insulting" to Palestinians and to the "message of Jesus".

Abbas wrote that the Palestinians will not "accept any plan from the US" due to the White House's "biased" support of Israel and its settlement policy. He also said the US plan "is not going to be based on the two-state solution on the 1967 border, nor is it going to be based on international law or UN resolutions."

In related news, Palestinian National Liberation Movement (Fatah) sent a message to all Palestinian Christian communities on the occasion of the glorious Christmas.

In a statement issued by its media office, Fatah expressed its appreciation of the Christian communities in the homeland, praising their role in the various stages of the national struggle.

The movement pointed out that Israel is trying to turn the national conflict into a religious one, through its continuous violations against the holy sites of both Palestinian Islamic and Christian people.

"Jerusalem will remain a Palestinian Arabian city with its Muslims and Christians residents," the statement indicated.

The movement expressed its hope the upcoming holidays would arrive and "the aspirations of the Palestinian people for freedom and independence have been realized."

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