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Coalition: ‘We Have Carried Out Operations to Target Houthi Leaders’

Coalition: ‘We Have Carried Out Operations to Target Houthi Leaders’

Thursday, 28 December, 2017 - 13:30
Colonel Turki al-Malki. Reuters

The leadership of the coalition forces in support of legitimacy in Yemen stressed targeting senior Houthi leaders during the past few days.

It said that it will reveal the details of these operations after confirming the information that it is currently gathering and said that Houthi militias are using "Sam-7" missiles.

The coalition’s leadership considered that the peace opportunity with the Iranian Houthi militias is still available if they abandon the coup project and agree on a political solution based on the three references, which are the Gulf initiative and its executive mechanism, the outputs of the comprehensive Yemeni national dialogue and Security Council resolution 2216.

It warned the militias from not bowing to the international will as it leads to the continuation of operations carried by coalition forces until it returns legitimacy to all the Yemeni territories.

Coalition spokesman Colonel Turki al-Malki told a news conference that what happened lately, including killing former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, was as a turning point in the Yemeni conflict.

He noted that it revealed the true face of the criminal terrorist group, and the conflict has become open between the people and this group.

The Iranian Houthi militias have two options, either peace or war, Malki said, explaining that peace will take place only with the implementation of the political solution based on the three references or else war will continue.

Speaking at a news conference, Malki said the legitimate forces have knocked out a large number of military vehicles and arms depots for the Houthi militias. Moreover, they have seized weapons provided by Iran to the Houthis.

Maliki also revealed aerial photos showing a militiaman carrying a SAM-7 missile, who was targeted by Apache plane, the same plane that also targeted Houthi militia border posts.

He added that the Apache planes also destroyed military vehicles belonging to Houthis, as well as weapon depots and Houthi checkpoints.

He also said that the areas where Houthi ballistic missiles are being kept have been located and destroyed.

The coalition and Yemeni army are specifically focusing on eliminating Houthi bases near the Saudi Arabian border, he added.

Maliki also stressed the coalition’s humanitarian aid efforts through airdrops of aid in several parts of Yemen and the work of human rights organizations in Sana’a amid threats by Houthis.

The Arab Coalition has also distributed leaflets along with the Yemeni army to help those seeking safety, he said.

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