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Yemen: Coalition Accuses Houthis of Violating International Laws

Yemen: Coalition Accuses Houthis of Violating International Laws

Saturday, 17 November, 2018 - 07:45
Boys walk in Saada, Yemen February 27, 2018. (File Photo: Reuters)
Taiz – Asharq Al-Awsat

The Arab Coalition to Support Legitimacy announced on Friday it will continue to provide permits that facilitate UN and relief organizations’ support and missions inside Yemen despite Houthis' attempts to obstruct the humanitarian work.

In a statement issued on Friday, the Coalition announced that 157 orders had been issued to secure the permits of humanitarian organizations inside Yemen within 72 hours. It explained that 125 permits were issued to UN organizations, including 24 for the Red Cross, 5 permits for Medecins Sand Frontieres (MSF), and 3 permits to King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSRelief).

The Coalition confirmed that Iran-backed Houthi militias are violating international laws by deliberately hindering the work of relief organizations.

Meanwhile, Yemeni National Army cut off Houthis’ supply lines into the city of Damt, Dhale province in the south, by tightening the siege on the militias from several directions towards the city.

In the past two days, around 40 militants, including top field commanders, were killed in the vicinity of the center of Baqim district, north-west of Saada province, north Yemen.

Commander of Ibb axis, Brigadier General Ahmad al-Bahash, revealed that National Army forces carried out a sudden attack on Damt and was able to besiege Houthi militants and cut their main supply line, according to the media center of the National Army.

Army forces liberated strategic areas northwest of the city, starting from the mountain range of Lahsoon al-Haqb till the mountains overlooking Damt towards Dar al-Hasan on the northwest of the city, adding that the army was able to liberate al-Hriwat and al-Qadi south of Damt.

Brigadier General Bahash indicated that Houthi militias were in panic as a result of the sudden operation carried out by the National Army, while battles were still fierce between the Army and the coup militias in the area.

In Baqem, northwest Saada Houthis’ stronghold, dozens of militants were killed and injured, including prominent leaders, during fierce clashes with Army forces backed by the Coalition.

Commander of 102 Special Forces Brigade, Brigadier Yasser al-Harthy announced that more than 40 Houthi militants were killed over the past 48 hours including: top commander Abu Yousef al-Salami, top commander Abu Adel al-Shawi, and leader of so-called Hussein Brigades, Abu Hussein al-Setteen, known associate of Houthis’ leader Abdul-Malik al-Houthi.

Harthy indicated that many militants fled the area after several top commanders were killed, reported Army Media Center.

He lauded the air force of the Arab Coalition, especially the Apache helicopters that bombed Houthis’ reinforcements and outposts inflicting heavy losses.

Brigadier Harithi urged the tribesmen in Saada and neighboring provinces not to involve their children in lost battles of Houthi militia. He also praised the great unity and support people of Saada are showing to the legitimacy forces, who seek to free the residents of the oppression and injustice of Houthi militias.

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