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Yemeni Rights Team Uncovers Houthi Detention Centers for Torturing Women

Yemeni Rights Team Uncovers Houthi Detention Centers for Torturing Women

Saturday, 12 January, 2019 - 09:30
Women shout slogans during an anti-Houthi demonstration in Sanaa March 7, 2015.(File Photo: Reuters)

Houthis have several detention camps for torturing women in Sanaa and other areas under their control, stated a Yemeni rights team, which also revealed the names of Houthi top officials involved in the torture and kidnapping of hundreds of Yemeni women.

Yemen International Team for Peace (YITP) said in a statement, viewed by Asharq al-Awsat, that it received detailed information, including names of Houthi leaders who were directly responsible for the arrest and torture of a large number of women in criminal and other secret prisons in Sanaa.

Abu Raed Wahhas, Abu Saqr Sultan Zabin, Hasan Batran, and Ahmad Matar are the most prominent Houthi figures responsible in Sanaa and the rest of Yemen for the arrest and torture of a large number of Yemeni women, according to the Team.

YITP confirmed there were over 2,000 detainees held in Houthi detention camps in Sanaa. The detainees were women who protested the repression and terrorism policies and peacefully asked for freedom of opinion and expression, which became a crime according to the Houthis.

Houthi leaders arrested girls who received phone calls from the group’s women security team, and after meeting them, they were immediately attacked and taken to detention centers to be brutally tortured and forced into giving false confessions, sources told the Team.

Citizens now fear for the safety of their women even if they leave the house for school, university, or even the hospital after these arrests and crimes have significantly increased, added the statement.

The Team called on the relevant parties of international, regional and local organizations to arrest the perpetrators and pressure the militias to release the detainees.

It held the Houthis responsible for the safety of the detainees and their families, including any physical, mental or psychological harm they may cause.

Houthis have recently stepped up crackdowns on Yemeni women activists and terrorized their families, claiming they were banning social association between men and women.

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