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Lebanon: Supreme Islamic Sharia Council Slams Attempts to Provoke Sectarian Strife

Lebanon: Supreme Islamic Sharia Council Slams Attempts to Provoke Sectarian Strife

Sunday, 8 September, 2019 - 09:00
Meeting of the Supreme Islamic Sharia Council on Saturday (NNA)

The Supreme Islamic Sharia Council called for rooting out corruption and warned against the danger of provoking sectarian strife.

In a statement following its regular meeting headed by Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdullatif Derian on Saturday, the Council said: “Lebanon faces two common and complementary enemies simultaneously: an external enemy represented by Israel and its repeated aggressions and continued violations of Lebanese sovereignty from land, sea, and air; and an internal enemy that is the aggravation of the living crisis in its economic and social dimensions.”

The Council underlined that facing the Israeli aggression required “the highest degree of national solidarity under the Lebanese legitimacy that is represented in the Constitution and the National Charter.”

“It also requires putting an end to squandering, uprooting corruption, and working to develop the national economy in order to provide job opportunities for young men and women, and achieve development projects that would revive the national economy after long stumbling and disruption,” the statement noted.

The Sharia Council warned against “the danger of provoking sectarian and confessional strife, especially around issues that have become outdated, whether the absurd civil wars or previous matters.”

It also emphasized the importance of the CEDRE conference and called for Lebanon’s commitment to its reform pledges to encourage the international community to meet its aid promises.

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