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Khamenei Urges IRGC to Expand Regionally, Be Prepared for Major Events

Khamenei Urges IRGC to Expand Regionally, Be Prepared for Major Events

Thursday, 3 October, 2019 - 08:45
Photo published by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s official website while addressing commanders of the Revolutionary Guards Corps

Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has urged senior Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps’ (IRGC) commanders to be prepared to face major events, not be afraid from enemies, stick to the broad cross-border view, and expand the resistance front.

He also stressed that Iran will continue reducing its commitments under its 2015 nuclear deal until it reaches the “desired results.”

Khamenei slammed European countries for the second time since the end of the UN General Assembly meetings last week, calling European mediation efforts a “demonstrative.”

“Recently, and through their European friends, they also begged to force our president to meet (Trump) to make a symbolic status for making Iran surrender,” Khamenei was quoted as saying during a meeting with elite Revolutionary Guard members.

The Iranian leader also pointed out that the Trump administration’s “maximum pressure” strategy, aimed at forcing Iran to negotiate a more stringent agreement curbing its nuclear program, had failed.

“The responsibility is with the Atomic Energy Organization and they must be carry out the a precise, complete and comprehensive way and continue until the time we reach a desired result,” Reuters reported.

This was Khamenei's first meeting with thousands of IRGC elite leaders following the their inclusion in the US list of international terrorist groups in mid-April, leading to growing tensions between Tehran and Washington.

Khamenei said the US imposing sanctions on the IRGC elements proves its rivalry and hegemony.

He didn’t elaborate on the internal elements he said had relations with the US but considered the IRGC role in the geography of resistance in the region is a criterion in judging the performance of these forces.

Last Thursday, the supreme leader accused European governments of "hostility,” stressing that they haven’t fulfilled their obligations.

“There should be no trust in countries that have held the banner of hostility to (Iran's) Islamic system, led by the United States and some European countries, because they are openly hostile to the Iranian people,” Khamenei said.

According to British media, France, Germany, and Britain have warned Iran against any further breaches of the international nuclear deal during a meeting on the nuclear deal held on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly.

The three countries said they will be forced to withdraw from the 2015 nuclear deal if Tehran continues to breach the terms of the plan.

This came two days after they blamed Iran for an attack on Saudi oil facilities, urging Tehran to agree to new talks with world powers on its nuclear and missile programs and regional security issues.

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