Maha Mohammed al-Sherif

An Exceptional Success for the G20 Summit

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has drawn a great model in combining integration and coordination at the global level. Its leadership of the G20 has made a remarkable impact in world history. In fact, the group is the main forum for international economic cooperation and gathers leaders from all continents representing developed and developing countries. The G20 member states account for about 80% of the global economic output, and this makes the efforts exerted to guarantee the success of the summit a historic achievement.

The event is not a simple one. Representatives of the group’s countries discussed economic and social issues in an exceptional period of time. The entire world praised the success of the Saudi G20 summit, which was distinguished in its presentation with utmost clarity and perfection.

Letters of gratitude from the European Union and heads of state continue to flow. This is how feelings of joy spread even before realizing the truth… The truth that the success of the summit was the fruit of the enlightened thought of a leader as influential as King Salman, whose speech expressed the highest level of awareness and the deepest understanding of the essence of life, at an extraordinary time when the world is suffering from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

The speech focused on working to build a prosperous future for the people of the entire world, building a strong, sustainable, comprehensive and balanced economy, activating efforts to make the global trading system fit for all, creating conditions for achieving sustainable development, and laying the foundations for realizing the general goal of seizing the opportunities of the 21st century for all.

This is how the real purpose of the major summit is achieved based on a general will, which reflects a valuable political, economic and social pact. Its importance lies in presenting a message of reassurance to all peoples of the world, through the final declaration of the summit, which included 38 points that stressed the leaders’ commitment to rise to the challenge of confronting the virus.

The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and the Crown Prince called for creating the appropriate conditions that allow the distribution of vaccines to all peoples across the planet. This target can be implemented by making the economic systems more flexible and organizing coordination.

Today, forms of influence are entrenched in objective circumstances. Saudi Arabia has called on the leaders of the G20 in particular, and the world’s stakeholders, to exert all efforts to protect the environment and the climate. The Kingdom will launch a national program for a circular carbon economy. The goal is to consolidate and accelerate efforts to reduce barriers and control the impacts of climate challenges and emissions in the pursuit of sustainability.

The energy ministers of the G20, in their meeting last September, approved a proposal submitted by Saudi Arabia to adopt a circular carbon economy platform and approach. It can be applied in a way that reflects each country’s priorities and specific circumstances.

The Kingdom’s regional and international standing and its unique location that connects three continents forms a link between emerging and developed markets. King Salman, in his speech, pointed to this particular characteristic and to the Kingdom’s role within the G20 to achieve global cooperation and find solutions to the most pressing world challenges, in cooperation with partners in the group and the rest of the countries.

It is beautiful to witness the success that this summit has achieved through the members’ fruitful participation, despite the extraordinary circumstances that the whole world is going through. It clearly embodies the esteem and prestige the Kingdom enjoys in the international community, and represents a source of pride, especially as Saudi Arabia has managed to make dealings extremely flexible and easy between countries of the world.