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Houthis Set Up Fund to Divert, Loot Humanitarian Relief in Yemen

Houthis Set Up Fund to Divert, Loot Humanitarian Relief in Yemen

Saturday, 10 April, 2021 - 07:30

A new Houthi-run fund in Yemen is set to add to the struggle of ensuring a fair distribution of humanitarian aid in the battle-weary country, with experts warning that the Iran-aligned group is trying to expand the scope of resources funneled into its war effort.

The fund will be managed and operated by the militia’s so-called Higher Council for Coordinating Humanitarian Affairs, a cover agency Houthis created two years ago to mask their exploitation and plundering of humanitarian aid originally donated to needy Yemenis.

According to circulars handed out by the fund, Houthis are forcing all international and local organizations working in Sanaa and other areas they control to deposit their donations to Yemen in the fund’s bank accounts.

Dozens of international agencies were also advised against giving any money to projects handled by local organization before first getting Houthi approval.

Activists and humanitarian workers in Sanaa and other Houthi-run areas warn that Houthis are planning to completely divert aid sent to relieve the suffering of Yemenis.

The militia, according to sources with knowledge of the matter, want donated funds delivered exclusively to its affiliated agencies and associations.

Houthis continue to engage in terrorist attacks and their attempts to monopolize foreign aid have added to the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

For over five years, the Iran-aligned group established hundreds of fake organizations that have poached assistance from other local organizations that were banned from applying for aid and relief funds.

Most Houthi-run agencies that have taken financial assistance failed in implementing any of their submitted relief projects.

In other news, the UN’s “Yemen Humanitarian Fund 2020 Annual Monitoring Report” revealed that almost half of the humanitarian projects for Yemen have not been implemented yet, with some being only partially executed.

It is worth noting that the report provided an overview of the Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF) monitoring activities in 2020.

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