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Libyan Man Finds Skeleton of Small Dinosaur in Desert

Libyan Man Finds Skeleton of Small Dinosaur in Desert

Wednesday, 15 September, 2021 - 06:15
An undated handout picture released by the National Institute of History and Anthropology (INAH) showing paleontologists working in the excavation of a dinosaur tail in Coahuila State. (AFP)

A Libyan man found the remains of a semi-complete skeleton that belongs to a small dinosaur in the Libyan Desert.

According to the Libyan News Agency, the skeleton is the size of a palm, and some of its limbs have been damaged, but its general structure is still intact, with a strong head and visible jaws. The skeleton’s overall size is no larger than 15 centimeters.

The man said the skeleton was visible thanks to erosion factors. The size of the head drew his attention the most, so he picked up the skeleton, which turned out to be similar to large dinosaurs in terms of shape, having large teeth and a strong jaw despite its small size.

He said he contacted paleontologists, who believed the small creature belonged to a species called "Congo Navon Kelly," which lived before dinosaurs and flying Pterosaurs. Some members of this species were only 10 centimeters long, according to the German news agency (dpa).

Photos of the skeleton show that the little dinosaur was adult at the time of death based on the growth rings in his bones.

The citizen behind the find usually keeps dinosaurs remains as evidence on the different historic eras in Libya, and has long been interested in learning and reading more about them. He said he is ready to hand the skeleton he found to any scientific institution or university that might be interested in studying it.

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