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Liliane Nemri: Appreciation Comes from the People

Liliane Nemri: Appreciation Comes from the People

Saturday, 18 September, 2021 - 07:30
Liliane Nemri

Liliane Nemri had many dreams she did not fulfill, but says she has no regrets.

The Lebanese actress dreamed of becoming a pediatrician or the leader of a traditional dance (dabke) troupe, but her dreams remained in her imagination. She keeps God deep in her heart, and asks him for good health, and “to let her die with dignity.”

She didn’t ask for houses or wealth, and she feels satisfied with His most precious gift: people’s love. Loneliness is tough and she is tired, but “God makes things easier,” she told Asharq Al-Awsat. She has lost faith in people, and with a clear conscience, says: “I never hurt anyone.”

Her secret is spontaneity and she “doesn’t want to change.” She is close to people and sees them as companions, saying: “An artist fades without people.”

In her daily life, Nemri is “natural” and doesn’t use a lot of makeup. She means it literally and metaphorically. Her face is not covered with products, she speaks honestly and has a big heart.

Her career has taught her many lessons after several bitter experiences: “The people we work with are not always our friends. Mixing work with friendships leaves emotional people with many losses. Frankness is also very costly.”

“I learn every day. I love my job and I believe in unconditional giving. I don’t leave my duties unfinished,” she says.

The pretext of our interview: Nemri joined the second season of the series “For Death”, set to air in Ramadan 2022, and “Escape”, as an honorary guest (both series are produced by Eagle Films). The true reason behind the interview: we missed listening to honest and humble figures.

She didn’t reveal many details about her character in “For Death”. “I can’t reveal anything. All I can tell to Asharq Al-Awsat is that it is a dramatic character, unlike my other comedic roles.”

The character was written for her, and director Philip Asmar deliberately chose her to play a role she hasn’t play before. She trusts him because he knows how to reassure her when she has doubts.

She is currently shooting the “Escape” series with actors from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Lebanon. She plays Fahima, a mechanic who tends to get involved in problems. She hopes to leave an impact.

“Big roles are not important. I prefer the roles that teach something,” she says.

Nemri shows gratitude and loyalty to the directors who believed in her throughout her long career, including Bassem Nasr, Antoine Remy, and Philip Asmar. She also adds screenwriters Shekri Anis Fakhouri and Claudia Marshalian to her list.

Nemri was born to a prominent artistic family that taught her that the audience is the judge. “My appreciation comes from people,” she says. She has the late prominent actors Abdo and Alia Nemri with her all the time. They live in her conscience and ideas, and accompany her every step of the way. A woman can reach her sixties and achieve full maturity, but she remains a child inside and keeps all the blessings of her parents with her.

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