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Hundreds of Electoral Appeals Rejected in Iraq

Hundreds of Electoral Appeals Rejected in Iraq

Sunday, 24 October, 2021 - 05:00
Supporters of losing PMF factions rally in Baghdad. (AFP)

The Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) in Iraq announced that it had received around 1,400 appeals and complaints related to the parliamentary elections.

A member of the commission told the media that it had rejected hundreds of the appeals, adding that the majority of them were not based on clear and specific evidence

Meanwhile, the so-called “organizational committee” of the rallies held by the losing Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) factions gave the commission three days to “amend the electoral process.”

The Iran-backed factions were the biggest losers in the elections and have been holding demonstrations in protest against the results, which they have rejected.

Other statements issued by the losing parties had until Saturday been released by the “coordination framework,” meaning the “organizational committee” is a new side.

The committee not only expressed its rejection of the results, but called for the trial of members of the IHEC “for taking part in the plot to manipulate votes.”

The commission, it alleged, has become a “pawn” in the hands of sides that are “plotting to shuffle cards and push Iraq towards American plans.”

The United Nations Security Council has welcomed the results of the elections.

In a statement on Saturday, it said: “The members of the Council welcomed interim reports that the elections proceeded smoothly and featured significant technical and procedural improvements from previous Iraqi elections.”

“The members of the Security Council commended the Independent High Electoral Commission for conducting a technically sound election. They commended the Government of Iraq for its election preparations and for preventing violence on election day.”

“The members of the Security Council stressed that any electoral disputes that may arise should be resolved peacefully through established legal channels.”

“Once the results are ratified, the members of the Security Council look forward to the peaceful formation of an inclusive government that reflects the will of the Iraqi people and their call for a stronger democracy.”

“The members of the Security Council reiterated their support for the Government of Iraq’s efforts to deliver meaningful reforms and advance inclusive political dialogue aimed at meeting the Iraqi people’s legitimate demands to address corruption, provide essential and basic services, diversify the economy, create jobs, improve governance, and strengthen viable and responsive State institutions,” it stressed.

Media professor at the University of Ahl al-Bayt Dr. Ghaleb al-Daami told Asharq Al-Awsat that the Security Council statement bolsters the position of the IHEC and Iraqi government against the factions that have rejected the electoral results.

The statement has put these factions under the international media spotlight, forcing them to abandon the use of violence to change the results and ultimately agree to a settlement, he explained.

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