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No Breakthrough in Algeria's Palestinian Reconciliation Talks

No Breakthrough in Algeria's Palestinian Reconciliation Talks

Monday, 24 January, 2022 - 08:15
Palestinian faction leaders gather to discuss holding Palestinian national elections in Cairo on February 8, 2021 (WAFA)

Palestinian factions did not achieve any breakthrough in the reconciliation talks held in Algeria because no faction presented new visions, according to a Palestinian source.

The source indicated that Fatah and Hamas maintain their previous positions, noting that nothing new is achieved.

He stressed that the Algerian officials listened deeply to the two parties and discussed possible concessions and how to develop a more comprehensive vision that could be acceptable to everyone.

According to the source, Algeria wants to achieve an acceptable vision to present a paper in the general factional meeting ahead of the upcoming Arab League meeting in Algiers.

Algeria wants to achieve progress before the League session, considering that the unification of Palestinians is part of a broader plan to support them at the Arab and international levels and launch a new peace process.

However, the source believes there is no indication that a reconciliation agreement is being pushed forward.

Fatah insisted on forming a unity government that adheres to international legitimacy above all, but Hamas wants comprehensive elections, including the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), before proceeding with any agreement.

Hamas also rejects the form of government proposed by President Mahmoud Abbas.

The factions disagree on the role of the Palestinian Authority (PA) in Gaza and the reconstruction process.

Hamas official Moussa Abu Marzouk said the Authority wants Hamas outside the administration of the Gaza Strip and does not want any understanding.

Abu Marzouk attacked the recent decisions of Fatah's Central Committee, saying the people have the final vote in reelecting the leadership of the Authority, not the members of the central committee.

Fatah considers the institutions of the Palestinian people a "private property," said the official, adding that it is one of the main reasons for the Palestinian crises.

He indicated that the formation of the PLO Executive Committee should be done according to a transparent and fair mechanism, not according to Fatah's desire.

Abu Marzouk commented on Fatah's meeting last week, during which it reelected Abbas as president, chairman of PLO, and head of Fatah.

The movement also renewed confidence in its central member, Azzam al-Ahmad, as its representative in the PLO's Executive Committee and chose Hussein al-Sheikh for the third seat in the committee.

It also unanimously elected its member Rawhi Fattouh and the chairman of the Palestinian National Council (PNC).

Abu Marzouk said Hamas' vision begins with reconfiguring the leadership according to democratic and national foundations, enhancing partnership in decision-making, and ending the exclusive authority in the Palestinian decision.

It also organizes the PLO to include all components of the Palestinian people through election and consensus, leading to a single central command.

He added that Hamas does not place conditions on national dialogues and has never set requirements for starting rounds of talks.

"We hope that they [Fatah] will reconsider their position and take a clear decision to end the division."

Abu Marzouk stressed that Algeria, with all its components, is keen to support the Palestinian cause and have a role in ending the division.

He wished Fatah would seriously consider the Algerian call to end the intra-Palestinian division.

The differences between the factions increase doubts about Algeria's ability to succeed in advancing a reconciliation agreement.

The Algerian officials will present a summary of their discussions to the office of President Abdelmadjid Tebboune, who will meet with various authorities, including the Foreign Ministry.

Tebboune will then contact the Palestinian presidency and discuss holding a comprehensive conference.

Last December, Tebboune received his Palestinian counterpart and announced Algeria's intention to host a conference of the Palestinian factions.

Speaking at a joint press conference, Tebboune said that he is committed "to bring together all the Palestinian belligerents in Algiers as soon as possible, as part of Algeria's efforts to tighten the Palestinian ranks through the enshrinement of Palestinian unity."

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