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Aden Launches Development ‘Battle’ in Freed Governorates


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Aden Launches Development ‘Battle’ in Freed Governorates

Thursday, 21 April, 2022 - 07:30
The swearing-in ceremony of the Yemeni Presidential Leadership Council (PLC), Asharq Al-Awsat

A new battle for restoring Yemen was launched in the war-torn country’s interim capital, Aden. Yemeni officials are looking to rebuild the country and normalize the situation in different regions by unifying the ranks of national forces and taking the blessing of regional states and the international community.

Brigadier-General Tareq Saleh, Vice-Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council (PLC), explained that Aden opens the horizon for a national coalition towards Sanaa, to restore Yemen.

“The first victory against Iran was in Aden,” said Saleh at the PLC swearing-in ceremony.

Yemeni Ambassador to Qatar Rajih Badi described the establishment of the PLC as a “historic” moment that won’t be erased from the people’s memory.

“Yemenis are pinning their hopes on what happened in Aden, to unite their ranks and direct their energies and capabilities in order to restore the state,” Badi told Asharq Al-Awsat.

He added that state restoration, whether in peace or by war, is the greatest goal of the PLC.

Badi noted that the PLC’s efforts have the support of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition.

For his part, Marwan Noaman, the deputy permanent representative of Yemen to the United Nations, considered the return of the PLC and all state agencies to Aden a defining historical moment in the history of Yemen.

“Aden is once again witnessing a new historical stage in the present and future of Yemen by uniting the word of all Yemenis to restore the state, end the coup, achieve sustainable peace, stability and prosperity, and launch Yemen towards the bright future,” Noaman told Asharq Al-Awsat.

“There is great optimism among various segments of society in Yemen, and hopes are pinned on the country's new leadership in order to launch the process of development, economic recovery, and integration into the Gulf economy,” he added.

Moreover, a Yemeni official affirmed that “Aden has always been a symbol of peace, construction and civilization, and has embraced all Yemenis since ancient times.”

“The return of the PLC and the government means the return of life to all Yemenis,” said the official who requested anonymity.

They added that the coming days will witness a major development battle in liberated governorates.

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