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PA Seeks Preventing ‘Third Intifada’ in West Bank

PA Seeks Preventing ‘Third Intifada’ in West Bank

Monday, 3 October, 2022 - 09:00
Demonstrators clash with Palestinian security forces in Nablus in the West Bank last month (Reuters)

The Palestinian Authority (PA) is seeking to curb confrontations in Jenin and Nablus from spilling over to other cities in the West Bank. Total chaos erupting in the West Bank threatens to further weaken and undermine the PA.

Palestinian security services raised the level of alert after receiving higher instructions to maintain order in Palestinian cities, camps, and villages in all areas of the West Bank, a well-informed source told Asharq Al-Awsat.

According to the source, who requested anonymity, Palestinian orders to tighten security came to prevent the events in Jenin and Nablus from turning into a third intifada.

“The Palestinian leadership does not want to be dragged into the chaos that Israel seeks. It clearly does not want a devastating third intifada,” said the source.

The PA accuses Israel of seeking to rattle the situation further by storming houses in Jenin and Nablus to kill and arrest armed Palestinians and activists. Israeli politicians and military officials who spoke to the media had encouraged expanding confrontations.

Israeli officials argued that the PA was helpless in the West Bank and that militants could launch a third intifada that is stronger and more dangerous on Tel Aviv.

“In Israel, they are using inflammatory speech and encouraging chaos in a clear way,” the source told Asharq-Al-Awsat.

“Israel wants to present the PA as a mere security agent instead of a national project with the goal of establishing the state,” they added.

Not only Israel is seeking to undermine the PA, but also Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and rivals of President Mahmoud Abbas within the Fatah movement.

They are taking advantage of the opportunity to undermine or weaken the PA by financing armed groups in Jenin and Nablus. Moreover, these groups are also inciting Palestinian youth to join the confrontation.

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