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Arab World Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei meets with a Hamas delegation led by its politburo chief Ismail Haniyeh. (IRNA)

Palestinian Presidency to Khamenei: Iran Is Sacrificing the Blood of Our People

The Palestinian presidency slammed on Monday recent comments by Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei about Hamas’ al-Aqsa Flood operation that sparked Israel’s…

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Arab World Warm applause from members of the Spanish government for Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez after he announced recognition of the State of Palestine (AFP)

Palestinian Official to Asharq Al-Awsat: European Recognitions a First Step towards Statehood

Leader in the Fatah movement, Mounir Al-Jaghoub, said that the strong Saudi pressure and Arab diplomacy in the past few months had a major role in influencing…

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Arab World Egyptian army soldiers at the Rafah border crossing between Egypt and Gaza at the beginning of May (German News Agency)

Egyptian Military Officials Cancel Meetings with Israeli Counterparts

Egyptian military officials canceled scheduled meetings with their Israeli counterparts, without previous notice, an Israeli source told the Israeli i24…

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World An Israeli Air Force fighter at an unidentified airport on Sunday (AFP)

Israel Wants to 'Hurt' Iran without Causing All-out War

The Israeli war cabinet decided to respond to Iran “without causing an all-out war,” after Benjamin Netanyahu’s government discussed “a wide range of options,…

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Arab World The daily life in Tel Aviv on the day following Iran's launch of drones and missiles towards Israel (Reuters)

How Did Coordination with Allies Benefit Tel Aviv?

Before many drones reached Israel, US, UK, French, and Jordanian troops dealt with a big chunk, aiding Israel in halting the Iranian drone attack. Israeli…

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Features Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei receives Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh and a delegation from the movement. (IRNA)

Fatah Criticizes Iran... Why Now?

Scathing criticism by the Fatah movement, led by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, against Iran has raised local and regional questions about its…

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Arab World The newly-formed Palestinian government, headed by PM Mohammad Mustafa, held its first cabinet meeting at the prime minister’s office in the central West Bank (DPA)

Newly-formed Palestinian Gov’t Sets Out Priorities

Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Mustafa has outlined three key priorities for his government: easing the suffering of Gazans, stabilizing finances, and…

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Arab World Food aid near the shores of Gaza (AP)

Shtayyeh Warns of Gaza Sea Corridor Becoming Means to Displace Palestinians

The head of the Palestinian caretaker government, Mohammad Shtayyeh, warned on Monday that the sea corridor designated for delivering aid to the Gaza Strip…

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