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Ferdinando Giugliano

Ferdinando Giugliano

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The ECB Can't Slow its Stimulus Buying Yet

The European Central Bank has been at the forefront of the euro zone’s economic response to the Covi

Ultra-Rich Lost Out in the Last Recession

The “elephant chart” has been the most influential graph of the past decade in economics. It show

Italy Plays Straight Into the Hands of the Dutch

The European Union’s political leaders will meet next week to negotiate the details of their joint f

Why Europe's in Better Shape Than the US

After the great recession, the American economy rebounded faster and stronger than the euro zone, ra

From Leicester to Lisbon, Coronavirus Outbreaks Follow a Pattern

The first wave of the COVID-19 epidemic hit especially hard in the most affluent cities of Europe, i

Germany’s Accounting Scandal

The scandal at Wirecard AG hasn’t just exposed a multi-billion dollar hole in the accounts of one of

A Bad New Tax Idea Is Doing the Rounds

There’s a new bad idea doing the rounds in Europe.

‘Smart Lockdowns’ Are the Future in Europe

European Union countries are experimenting with new ways of dealing with the coronavirus.

A Central Pillar of the EU is Under Threat

The European Union prides itself on its tough antitrust regime.

Greece Looks Like a Safer Destination Now

During the euro-zone crisis at the beginning of the last decade, many European citizens felt they we

The European Union Is on the Brink of Historic Change

The European Union has a habit of disappointing when trying to design a joint response to an economi

The Pandemic is Exposing the Limits of Science

The 2008 financial crisis led the public to discover the limits of economics.

Italy Is Cycling Toward More Trouble

The Franco-German plan for a 500 billion-euro ($548 billion) “recovery fund” for the European Union

Italy Learns a Hard Lesson on Face Masks

It takes economics students a couple of classes to understand why price caps are generally a bad ide

Is Spain About to Become the Next Italy?

Anti-establishment parties have made real inroads in southern Europe in recent years, taking power i


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