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Ferdinando Giugliano

Ferdinando Giugliano

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Rich Versus Poor, the Global Gap Is Narrowing

Income inequality is among the most hotly debated economic topics of our times.

What the UK Can Learn From Europe on Negative Rates

The UK is looking for ways to set itself apart from its European neighbors after Brexit.

Europe Is Botching the Vaccine Rollout

European countries have long prided themselves on their strong welfare states, including public-heal

2020 Saw the Return of the State Leviathan. We Must Be Wary

Like wars, pandemics drive changes that are bound to outlast them.

This Is the Wrong Time for a Wealth Tax

The arrival of vaccines carries hope that an end to the pandemic may be in sight.

Italy Reverts to its Bad Old Habits

The European Union’s attempt to put together a joint fiscal response to the Covid-19 recession is be

Going Skiing Is a Terrible Idea Right Now

The Covid pandemic has forced governments to make some impossible choices.

Italy's Bank Troubles Are Back to Haunt It

The public outcry against bank bailouts during the financial crisis prompted European governments to

Europe's Failings Are Back on Display

In the first half of 2020, Europe mounted a bold and swift economic response to the Covid recession.

Banks Should Brace Themselves for Some Bad News on Bad Loans

The discovery of two seemingly effective vaccines has raised hopes that the world will soon return t

Europe is Planning its Very Own E-Currency

The European Central Bank appears serious about a digital euro. Barely a month after the central

Biden Faces a Global Economy That's Tired of US Antics

The election of Joe Biden as US president has prompted sighs of relief across the world — not least

Lockdowns Make Perfect Sense Now

The development of what looks like an effective vaccine against Covid-19 has ignited hopes that the

A Covid-19 Vaccine Faces a Major Hurdle

Amid the tragedy of the pandemic, one marvel is hiding in plain sight.

It’s Not Just you. Lockdowns Make us Less Creative.

As Europe struggles with the second wave of the virus and faces a new round of lockdowns, government


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