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Adam Minter

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Vaccine Fears Are Crippling China’s Covid Fight

In December, China announced that it planned to inoculate 50 million people against Covid-19 by Feb.

Should Olympians Be Next in Line for Vaccines?

Should young, healthy Olympic athletes receive priority for Covid-19 vaccines? The Indian governm

Asia’s Movie Rebound Is Good News for Everyone

Has the pandemic dimmed the houselights for good at American movie theaters?

China Needs to Come Clean on Covid-19

On Thursday, a team of World Health Organization experts will arrive in China to investigate the ori

Has China Mastered Weather Modification? Should We Worry?

Last month, 16 “artificial rain enhancement rockets” were launched off the back of a pickup truck 30

Japan's New Olympic Experiment Is a Risky Mistake

Just how high a price are the citizens of Japan willing to pay for the privilege of hosting the Olym

Maybe Apple Isn’t as Green as It Claims

Upgrading to an iPhone 12? Apple Inc. is happy to take your old phone off your hands.

Amid Travel Bans, Singaporeans Get Creative

Affluent, food-loving Singaporeans aren’t averse to spending $500 on a meal.

Why Is China Disqualifying Its Olympic Athletes?

The Chinese Communist Party likes to depict itself as the competent steward of a dynamic emerging su

Deadly Virus in China Should Scare World Leaders to Action

China was completely unprepared when the virus now known as SARS emerged in the late autumn of 2002.

Facebook: Legislation, Regulation, Censor

Governments around the world are exploring ways to break Facebook Inc.'s grip on their citizens.

No, China Isn’t Winning the Space Race

On Wednesday, China successfully landed its Chang’e-4 spacecraft on the moon’s far side — an impress


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