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Akram Bunni

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The Syrians’ Fear in the New Year

Euphemistically, we could say that the fires of the Syrian people’s dreams have been put out.

Human Rights and the Coronavirus Emergency

The encumbrances imposed on the health emergency and the exceptional measures demanded by the need t

Syrian Refugees and the Question of Returning

The international conference on Syrian refugees that was recently held in Damascus did not add anyth

What Need Is There for Negotiations Between Syria and Israel?

On an autumn evening in 2011, we heard the sound of intense gunfire in the air, in what could have b

The United Nations is Heavy with Failure

Besides the fact that world leaders participated from a distance because of the coronavirus, the 75t

Imperial Delusions and Tales of Devastation

Erdogan’s words were not meaningless when he threatened Greece with a devastating fate if it dared t

The Ironies and Delusions of the Syrian opposition

It is remarkable that the Syrian opposition is making headlines again, but unfortunately, not for it

Syria … What Elections are They Talking about?

There are many reasons for the Syrian people’s indifference to the elections that are scheduled for

What Iran is Doing to Stay in Syria

Assuming the reason behind the Caesar Act is not toppling the Syrian regime and instead, pressuring

Facts About the Caesar Act!

Beyond the exaggeration that the Caesar Act is like a declaration of war to overthrow the Syrian reg

Their Cause Remains Alive!

On the morning of Eid, Khawla could not think of a place to visit where she could honor her husband,

What's New in the Syrian Scene?

The coronavirus and its implications and the increasingly deteriorating state of the economy, which

The Pandemic is Receding and so is Populism!

There is no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic will eventually recede, and societies will halt its

On Investing in The Pandemic

Unfortunately, the global scene burdened by the inability to control the coronavirus and the painful

Syria and the Pandemic… Between Denial and Conspiracy Theories

It is not strange that the Syrian regime dealt with the coronavirus pandemic as it deals with its ot


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