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Another Internet Border Has Just Gone Up

The balkanization of the internet continues. The European Union’s top court called a halt on Thur

Do You Really Want Google to Have Your Personal Fitness Data?

If you’re concerned about the pervasive role in daily life of technology companies such as Alphabet

Why Google Might Prefer Dropping a $22 Billion Business

For Google, a partial voluntary breakup of its advertising business might be preferable to whatever

Can Germany Really Afford to Ban Huawei?

Germany wants a rapid roll-out of 5G technology to sort out its creaking mobile phone network.

Why Is Zuckerberg So Relaxed About UK Online Speech Rules?

Britain’s plans to regulate online content have triggered an unsurprising furor about censorship.

What Microsoft Can Teach Facebook About Playing Nice

As another European Commission mega-fine on Alphabet Inc.

UK’s Tech Tax Is Both Pointless and Essential

Britain's Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond has, unexpectedly, forged ahead with plans to i

Will Nick Clegg Succeed in his Mission?

The two most catastrophic stops on Facebook Inc.'s tour of apology around the world's legislatures w

Things Are Finally Looking Up for Chipmakers

When you're trying to work out what's going to happen next year in the semiconductor industry, there

Google’s Mortal Enemy Does It a $95 Billion Favor

As far as Alphabet Inc.’s Google is concerned, the EU taketh away but it giveth too. The first pa

The World Cup Offers Some Respite From Netflix

Bookmakers name Brazil, Germany, France and Spain the favorites for soccer’s World Cup, which kicked

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