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Trade WhatsApp for Signal? Facebook Isn’t Fazed

There’s been a furor around WhatsApp this week.

Finland's Champion Nokia Is Letting the Side Down on Huawei and 5G

Pekka Lundmark has a lot resting on his shoulders.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Face Trial by Spotify

Spotify Technologies SA pulled off a royal coup by announcing an exclusive podcast deal with the Duk

Google, Amazon and Apple Face the Nuclear Option

There’s a good reason that breaking up tech giants is the nuclear option: It’s a deterrent.

Sick of Roaming Fees? Now Your Carrier Is Hurting Too

The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed an uncomfortable truth about the telecoms industry: Roaming, that

What’s the Cheapest Way to Save All those Phone Photos?

If you’re used to storing your photos and videos for free in the Google cloud, then this week brough

The US and Europe Still Don’t See Eye to Eye on Big Tech

It’s tempting to imagine that the US is finally catching up with Europe when it comes to skepticism

Huawei’s Rivals Should Be Happy They’re Not American

The advent of 5G networks has accentuated US concerns about lacking a domestic rival to the mighty H

Billionaire Loeb Wants Disney to Tell a Different Story

When filmmakers think about subjectivity in storytelling, they often lean on the thriller “Rashomon,

A Billionaire Makes an Opportunistic French Telecoms Bid

The billionaire Patrick Drahi built his transatlantic telecoms empire on a mountain of debt that at

Another Internet Border Has Just Gone Up

The balkanization of the internet continues. The European Union’s top court called a halt on Thur

Do You Really Want Google to Have Your Personal Fitness Data?

If you’re concerned about the pervasive role in daily life of technology companies such as Alphabet

Why Google Might Prefer Dropping a $22 Billion Business

For Google, a partial voluntary breakup of its advertising business might be preferable to whatever

Can Germany Really Afford to Ban Huawei?

Germany wants a rapid roll-out of 5G technology to sort out its creaking mobile phone network.


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