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Clara Ferreira Marques

Clara Ferreira Marques

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We’ve Had Ten Months to Plan. Why Are We Muddling Through Vaccination?

Covid-19 exposed all the flaws of both national and international governance.

How Not to Tame Global Food Inflation

Agflation is back, and so are unhelpful fixes. Under pressure from falling incomes and higher inf

The Kremlin’s New Man Will Keep Us Guessing

Russian prime ministers are often swiftly forgotten.

Hydrogen Can Use a Hand From Policy Makers

The universe’s most abundant element is having a good year.

China Scores Big Against Poverty But the Poor Haven’t Gone Away

China has all but met President Xi Jinping’s pledge to eradicate extreme poverty by 2020.

The Past Isn’t Past for Moscow and Beijing

World War II ended 75 years ago, but it has rarely been invoked as frequently for political purposes

Covid-19 Is Whipping Up a Cold Russian Winter

Coronavirus infections are hitting records again in Russia, the world’s fifth hardest-hit nation in

Hold the Schadenfreude for America

An election that takes days to conclude?

Our Coronavirus World Is Undernourished

Bumper harvests and healthy stockpiles coming into 2020 have helped the world dodge the worst of foo

Thailand’s Leaders Can’t Afford Confrontation

Anti-government marchers have been gathering across Thailand in defiance of a state of emergency, an

‘Korean Beatles’ Can’t Buy Stock Market’s Love Alone

Shares of Big Hit Entertainment Co., the company behind South Korean boy band BTS, begin trading thi

Why Aren’t We Heeding Mother Nature’s Warnings?

Fires that have consumed swathes of Australia, the Arctic and now the western US.

Trump’s China Sanctions Fail Russian History Test

The US is deploying its economic weaponry as never before, using unilateral sanctions to punish Chin

Russia's Sputnik Vaccine and Vladimir Putin

There was no clearer way of signaling how Russia sees its coronavirus vaccine: Moscow named it Sputn

World’s Great Online Learning Experiment

My son’s experience with remote learning is in many ways exceptional — but it may also provide clues


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