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David Fickling

David Fickling

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Get Used to Power Freezes and Price Hikes

The cold snap that has gripped much of the Northern Hemisphere in recent weeks isn’t just lowering t

Despite Tragedies, Indonesia’s Air Safety Is Improving Fast

In 2020, civil aviation accidents — thanks largely to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic — dropp

Bitcoin’s Bulls Should Fear its Other Scarcity Problem

In the eyes of many Bitcoin advocates, scarcity is a key advantage over more conventional assets.

We’re Never Going to Mine the Asteroid Belt

Where would science fiction be without space mining? From Ellen Ripley in Alien and Dave Lister i

Why the Aussie Is Booming Amid a Trade Spat With China

Judging by the sounds emerging from embassies and trade ministries, you’d think one of China’s most

Hydrogen Is a Trillion Dollar Bet on the Future

The world is on the brink of what may turn out to be its most important energy experiment. If pro

Airlines Are Making Money Selling Everything But Tickets

With hopes that their season in hell could be approaching an end, airline stocks are on a tear. S

A Polluter's Easy Path to the Zero Emissions Club

Suddenly, it seems all the world is heading to zero.

Zero Hour Is Coming for Emissions. Believe it

It’s only natural to be skeptical when a political leader stands up and makes a promise about a targ

Ardern Landslide Is a Vote for Covid Competence

For governments facing a growing wave of coronavirus cases as fall turns to winter, there’s a stark

Capitalism Caused Climate Change; It Must Also Be the Solution

Can the world shrink its emissions footprint without immiserating its population? We’re seeing a

Winter Is Coming for the World’s Airlines

If you think your summer holidays were lackluster in an era of pandemic-induced staycations, spare a

Beijing May Be More Addicted to Coal Than Oil

There’s one surprise entrant in the group of oil companies announcing plans this year for how they’l

Facebook's Death Star Menaces the News Business

If you’re trying to fight the impression that you’re over-mighty and bullying, it’s probably best no

Gold's Fall Won't Drive It Below $1,700 Again

Has gold’s bubble just burst? The spot metal fell 5.7% Tuesday, the sharpest drop in seven years


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