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Faye Flam

Faye Flam

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Herd Immunity Could Be Closer Than We Think

Once again, the Covid-19 health message is getting muddled.

We Still Don't Know Where Covid-19 Came From

People want to know where the coronavirus came from.

Virus Mutations Add Even More Urgency to Vaccination Race

In looking at how a tiny virus can bring the world to its knees, one need only look to the power of

Pandemic Regrets? Experts Have a Few

If what you’re doing isn’t working, you need to correct course — not double down on the same losin

Covid-19 Vaccines Need Further Testing

If there’s a common theme in the errors of the US response to Covid-19, it’s been the astounding amo

Skip the Useless Covid-19 Rules, Please

A clutter of unhelpful pandemic rules is wearing people down.

CDC’s Call to Cancel Thanksgiving Came Just in Time

It’s a tough blow for Americans that the CDC has more or less urged us to cancel Thanksgiving this y

Every American Should Be Tested for Covid-19 Once a Week

Americans are still doing Covid-19 testing wrong.

Covid-19 Mutated. Can Vaccines Keep Up?

One of the factors that will drive the future of the Covid-19 pandemic is how the virus evolves.

What Happens to the Other Vaccines Now?

A vaccine created by Pfizer and partner BioNTech won the race to prove efficacy in a large trial.

Don’t Freak out about Covid-19 Reinfection Stories

The most attention-grabbing scare stories about the pandemic often revolve around individual cases —

How to Have a Covid-Safe Holiday Season

The bad news about the upcoming holiday season is that traditional meals and parties — involving ind

Herd Immunity or Social Distancing? A Combination, Actually

When you listen carefully enough and long enough to a variety of epidemiologists, you can start to s


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