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Hazem Saghieh

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Mustapha Kadhimi’s Brave Venture

In 2003, an event took place that confused Arab political culture: Iraq was simultaneously liberated

But What About the Past

Some glorify the past, and glorification of ancestors and the dead may branch out from this.

Struggle of The Two Global Sensitive Issues for The Near Future

Historical events can lead to divergent, maybe even opposite, results.

Which 'East' are we Heading to and Immersing Ourselves in?

Chinese Maoism used to sum up its politics during particular stages with easily remembered, almost p

Lebanon: Scene of Chaos and the Kinship System

When a regime loses the pillars of its legitimacy, and the revolution against it is subsequently rat

Either Dollars or Hezbollah

The many questions regarding the Lebanese situation have faded away and been reduced to a single cru

The Dominant Manner in which We Perceive America

The crime of George Floyd’s murder restored the US’s position as an important theme by Arab writers.

Mohsen Ibrahim and Samir Kassir: The Adverse Journey

While the Lebanese were recalling the 15th anniversary of the murder of Samir Kassir, the young prof

Torture is Commonplace in Arab Life… Rare in Arab Political Literature

In the late 1970s, the Syrian intellectual Yasin al-Hafiz wrote a few words that seemed shocking whe

The Liberation of 2000 in Today’s Context

In the past few days, the Lebanese were left beyond doubt: yes, we disagree over just about everythi

Why the Worry About Beirut?

Once what was known as the "reconstruction project” was launched, the Société Libanaise pour le Déve

Why this Lying to Palestinians and in the Name of Palestine Today?

A few days ago, Mohammad Fahmi, the Lebanese interior minister appeared on one of the local televisi

The Syrian Regime Intellectual and the Process of Disintegration

It would be a mistake to read the past according to the present, just as it is a mistake to read the

Why the American University of Beirut?

When news broke that the American University of Beirut is struggling financially, the consciousness

The Death of Polemic in the Arab Levant

In the 1960s and 70s, the Arab world was rife with polemics.


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