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Europe During Biden’s Term

Some have defined populism as pushing politics from the center to the periphery and margins, as inst

Why Doesn’t the World Sympathize with Tehran and Damascus?

Imagine a country is hit with damaging airstrikes week after week, or one whose prominent figures an

Ammonium Nitrate, the Latest Manifestation of the 'Lebanese Arena' and Its Theory

The map of the Arab Levant is a map of “arena,” one where countries’ territory is merely an amalgama

What Do ISIS and the Iranian Regime Have in Common?

There are thousands of differences between Khomeini's regime in Iran and ISIS: in their nature, rise

It Is Parliament

During this new year, 2021, we will be reminded of three beginnings to three decades: 30 years ago,

Taking An Interest in Lebanon amid a Missile-Powered Re-establishment

In his recent speech, Hassan Nassrallah expressed the view that the resistance and missiles with whi

On Normalization, Issues of Freedom and Democracy

The Arab revolutions were not unwise in treating normalization and peace with Israel as relatively s

The Syrian Regime and its Resistance 'Philosophy'

A few days ago, in the early hours of Friday, panic spread among the Lebanese again as the sound of

Two Years Apart… Two Decades Apart

Those who observe the situation in our Arab countries, their transitions from one year to the next,

On Our Regression to a Narcissistic Primordial Self

In Iraq’s 2006 Sunni-Shiite civil war, 268 armed organizations fought.

Venezuela, the Axis of Resistance: From Celebrating Success to Celebrating Failure

Supporters of the axis' of resistance ethics and language have changed noticeably.

Normalization, the Palestinian Cause and Some Issues Kept Quiet

The reactions to some Arab states’ recent normalization agreements with Israel lack an unwritten asp

The World as One and the World as Different

Since serious talk began about a coronavirus vaccine with a high success rate being made available,

On Victories of 'Secularists' and 'Independents' Across Lebanese Universities

The “secular” and “independent” students’ victories across a few of Lebanon’s private universities a


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