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Hazem Saghieh

Hazem Saghieh

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Four Comments in the Wake of the Lebanese Disaster

1- The Lebanese regime is no longer merely one of “plunder”, “cronyism”, “sectarianism”, or the oth

From Gamal Abdel Nasser to Hassan Diab

Something unusual happened in Lebanon a few days ago.

Making the Palestinian Cause Political Again

In descriptions of the Palestinian cause, several terms- concepts were popularized by the “Rejection

The Chinese Model that Does Not Suit Us

After the discussion about “heading East” began, a new market for exaggeration opened up.

The Struggle over Beirut’s History

Some Lebanese are taking refuge in nostalgia today, as usually happens when one feels that a phase i

Will is Not Enough to Expel US from the Region

It was not an Iranian or Chinese newspaper that broke the news about the Chinese-Iranian agreement.

‘With the Region’ or ‘Against the region’?

With every regional escalation, volunteers who draw a line between those who are “with the region” a

On Erdogan Who Dislikes Museums

There is no reason to worry about Islam in Turkey: there are 82693 mosques in the country, 3113 of w

Out of Respect for the 'Resistance Community'

In his latest speeches, Hezbollah’s Secretary-General reiterated his narrative about his supporters,

Lebanon as a Permanent Border Problem

In Lebanon, border issues do not stop at the borders.

The Arab Levant: Complete Collapse

Some Arabs who read John Bolton's latest book could not but notice how irrelevant Syria has become t

Mustapha Kadhimi’s Brave Venture

In 2003, an event took place that confused Arab political culture: Iraq was simultaneously liberated

But What About the Past

Some glorify the past, and glorification of ancestors and the dead may branch out from this.

Struggle of The Two Global Sensitive Issues for The Near Future

Historical events can lead to divergent, maybe even opposite, results.

Which 'East' are we Heading to and Immersing Ourselves in?

Chinese Maoism used to sum up its politics during particular stages with easily remembered, almost p


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