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Joe Nocera

Joe Nocera

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Revoke Social Media’s Legal Shield, But for the Right Reason

Donald Trump has been undeniably good for Twitter Inc.

Business Needs to Hit Election Deniers in the Wallet

Early Wednesday afternoon, as the siege of the US Capitol building was underway, Jay Timmons, the ch

US Has Been Down This Vaccine Rollout Road Before

If you’re a person of a certain age, you most likely have a vague memory of being vaccinated for pol

Facebook Has Only Itself to Blame for Drastic Remedy

Mark Zuckerberg always knew. In 2012, when Instagram was two years old, with 13 employees and no

Google Should Learn From Microsoft’s Tough Antitrust Lesson

In the immortal words of Yogi Berra, it’s deja vu all over again. On Tuesday morning, the US Just

Lockdowns Are a Step Too Far in Combating Covid-19

D.A. Henderson was a remarkable man.

Trump Didn’t Save Coal or Steel. To Be Fair, No One Could.

Remember when President Donald Trump promised to revive the coal industry?

Big Tech Now Has Reason to Fear a Democratic Victory

Silicon Valley has long been in the camp of the Democrats — a place where candidates could reliabl

An Anti-Masker Sticks to Her Guns Despite Trump’s Illness

When I heard that President Donald Trump had been infected with the coronavirus, one of the first th

Milton Friedman Was Wrong. Look at Income Inequality.

In the summer of 1982, when I was 29, I was given a front-row seat as Milton Friedman’s famous dictu

Oracle’s TikTok Deal Pours Trump Toxin Into Capitalism

Is this really what it’s come to? Two companies, one American and one Chinese, make a deal.

Why Are N95 Masks Still So Difficult to Get?

Last week — which is to say, six months into a pandemic that has killed more than 185,000 Americans

Here’s How Airlines Can Attract Passengers Again

A refrain I’ve heard a lot these past six months is how great it’s been not to have to travel.

Pandemic Is a Great Incubator for Financial Fraud

The Berkeley Center for Law and Business held its annual “fraud fest” a few weeks ago — virtually, o

Lockdown Critics May Have Some Valid Points

Three months after the first case of Covid-19 was diagnosed in the US, has the time come to start pa


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