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Noah Feldman

Noah Feldman

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A Solution to the COVID-19 Liability Problem

Whenever we’re ready to re-open COVID-closed businesses, we’ll have to resolve some important questi

Countries Can Still Get Rich From Manufacturing

Since the Industrial Revolution began, every country that hasn’t been lucky enough to have huge oi

Slowing the Spread of Coronavirus

The coronavirus called Covid-19 has spread beyond its origin in Wuhan, China, and has arrived on US

The Impact of the UK Supreme Court’s Brexit Ruling Will Be Felt for Centuries

The UK Supreme Court’s ruling voiding Boris Johnson’s suspension of Parliament is one for the ages —

Trump’s Long Shutdown Could Destabilize the World

President Donald Trump in a meeting with congressional Democrats on Friday said he was prepared for

Outrage Over Human Gene Editing Will Fade Fast

It’s too soon to know whether a Chinese researcher who claims to have successfully edited the genome

Assange Speculation Shows Why Charges Should Be Public

The word-processing error that unintentionally revealed the Justice Department’s sealed charges agai

Religious Freedom Shouldn’t Be Freedom to Discriminate

A South Carolina foster-care agency has asked the Trump administration to rule that it has a constit

A Free Press Can Bury the News, Too

Did the National Enquirer have a right to buy stories about Donald Trump in order not to publish the

Democracy Needs the Press as the ‘Opposition Party’

What’s the main value in a free press?

With Talks Back On, Kim Bets Trump Will Accept Half a Deal

Like so much else that President Donald Trump does, the North Korea negotiations dance is all about

Artificial Intelligence in Policing

The revelation that the New Orleans Police Department quietly used a Silicon Valley company to predi

Syria Is the New Afghanistan

It’s official: Syria has become a war of all against all.

The FBI Confronts Trump

It’s highly unusual for the FBI director to confront the president publicly -- because technically,


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