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Noah Smith

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US Doesn't Need Europe's Help in China Trade War

With an economic showdown between the US and China looming over the new Biden administration, it’s i

Three Safeguards to Ease the Mind of $15 Minimum Wage Critics

Advocates of raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour have the upper hand in the debate.

Jim Simons Proved the Textbooks Wrong — Almost

Jim Simons has stepped down as the chairman of Renaissance Technologies LLC, commonly regarded as th

Nobody Wants to Invest in an Unstable Country

Political violence in the US can reduce confidence in the country’s stability, adding a risk premium

Biden Must Avoid Obama's Mistake When Setting His Agenda

The universe of possibilities for the Biden administration radically expanded after the Democrats cl

How Government Instability Undermines the US Economy

The US has had an attack on its Capitol, and may see more protests in the weeks to come.

America Is Pumping Out Too Many PhDs

PhD programs in the US are in for some big changes.

The Inflation Doomsayers Are Wrong Again

Every so often, concerns crop up that inflation is much higher than official government numbers repo

America Can't Compete With Chinese Tech By Walling Itself Off

The election of Joe Biden will not end the US-China trade war.

How Texas Can Become the Next Silicon Valley

Texas is making another bid to become America’s technology hub.

For Corrosive Inequality, Look to the Upper Middle Class

The US seems to finally have decided that inequality is a problem.

China's Bungled Overseas Loans Reveal a Key Weakness

China’s economic model is going to be tough to beat.

Breaking Up Facebook Won't Solve the Problem

A long overdue antitrust push is gaining steam.

Biden Can Forget About Making IPhones in the US

While much of Joe Biden’s first term in office will involve digging out from the Covid-19 pandemic a

Three Big Moves to Improve American Lives ASAP

Someone on Twitter recently asked me an interesting question.


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