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Noah Smith

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Biden’s Economic Plan Gets a Lot of Big Things Right

Presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden has just released a major industrial poli

The US Is Battling Two Recessions, Not Just One

The US is in a very odd situation.

The Covid Surge Will Slam Southern States’ Economies

Coronavirus is exploding in big southern US states such as Texas, Florida, and Arizona.

Coronavirus Brings US Decline Out in the Open

The US’s decline started with little things that people got used to.

Millennials Can’t Afford Homes After Exiting the Basement

Just a few years ago, the millennial generation -- generally defined as those born from the early 19

Day Traders Will Have Fun Until They Get Wiped Out

One time when I was sitting in my college dormitory, I heard a whoop of joy from down the hall.

Japan’s Work Culture Gets a Needed Covid-19 Shock

Japan’s corporate culture is stuck in a bad place.

Fear of Infection Hurt the Economy More Than Lockdowns

Until recently, it seemed like the contentious debate over lockdowns was over.

Spending So Much on Police Has Real Downsides

The question of policing will always bedevil a civil society.

America’s Great(er) Recession Will Last for Years

The National Bureau of Economic Research on Monday confirmed what everyone already knew: The US is i

Racism Is the Biggest Reason the US Safety Net Is So Weak

Last week, the economics profession lost one of its leading lights -- Harvard professor Alberto Ales

US Nationalism Pits the Financial World Against China

Globalization means increased movement of people, physical goods and of financial capital across bor

The Best Reason to Protect Workers from COVID-19

Harvard economist Melissa Dell recently won the 2020 John Bates Clark medal, which is given to outst

Poverty Is All About Personal Stress, Not Laziness

Economists are accumulating evidence that instead of being indolent layabouts, poor people are harri

Put a Stop to Economic Growth? Huge Mistake

One of the more pernicious ideas now coming into vogue is that societies should voluntarily halt the


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