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Noah Smith

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Economics Needs New Theories About Stimulus and Inflation

The coronavirus pandemic has raised deficit spending to new heights.

Developing Nations Are Dealt a One-Two Hit to Growth

Recent decades have been glorious for developing countries, where rapid growth has lifted millio

Focusing on Facebook and Google’s Monopoly Misses the Point

The heads of four of the US’s biggest technology companies — Alphabet Inc., Apple Inc.

Intel Emerges as Symbol of Big Tech’s Decline

As if to symbolize US decline, a giant of American industry is being overtaken by foreign rivals.

Einstein Was a Refugee. We Need More Like Him Now.

The US is about to start running out of one of its most valuable resources: Skilled immigrants.

We’re All in Big Trouble Without Renewed Jobless Benefits

The US has made many big mistakes in handling the coronavirus pandemic.

The US Is on the Verge of Lockdown 2.0

After two months of what looked like a nascent recovery, the US economy is faltering again.

Trump Did Nothing to Help the Economic Boom

The public gives President Donald Trump very low marks for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic

The US Needs to Make India a Bigger Trade Partner

Conflict between China and India has made it urgently necessary for the US to deepen its economic in

Alternative Data Offers a Lot. Just Be Careful.

The age of coronavirus has presented investors, analysts, journalists and researchers with two data

A Wave of Evictions Would Be Bad for Everybody

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, the US rental market was in trouble.

Biden’s Economic Plan Gets a Lot of Big Things Right

Presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden has just released a major industrial poli

The US Is Battling Two Recessions, Not Just One

The US is in a very odd situation.

The Covid Surge Will Slam Southern States’ Economies

Coronavirus is exploding in big southern US states such as Texas, Florida, and Arizona.

Coronavirus Brings US Decline Out in the Open

The US’s decline started with little things that people got used to.


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